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Michael Bay's latest film Project Almanac hits UK cinemas today

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Project Almanac

After finally deciding on a name, Project Almanac has its release date, today (February 16).

The film formerly known as Cinema One, Almanac and Welcome To Yesterday, features a present day narrative, depicting the moments a group of teenagers find secret plans instructing the creation of a time machine. After assembling the device, they realise that momentarily changing their fortunes, leads to a disastrous effect on their futures.

Controversial director Michael Bay takes a step back from command and instead returns to a sole role as producer with Dean Israelite takes on directive duties for his first full-length feature.

Shot as a found footage film similar to The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, Project Almanac uses lesser-known performers in its leading roles, including the likes of Johnny Weston (Taken 3) and Sam Lerner (Monster House).

Project Almanac is released nationwide on February 16.


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