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Newcastle meets Manchester as Caff teams up with Yoshi Riot for Energy

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Caff and Yoshi Riot

East meets West on the latest collaboration between Yoshi Riot and a North East emcee, this time in the form of Jarrow’s Caff.

In the past, Yoshi has collaborated consistently with the likes of Leddie & Smoggy, and Jister, and so it came as a surprise that the Manny emcee would work with Caff, given his contrasting style compared to the Middlesborough trio. That’s not to say either side are any less talented than one another, Caff is hotly tipped as the next big thing in the regional rap circuit and his Boro peers have each released local album of the year contenders in the past two successive years with Sorry We’re Late and Absurdism.

Yet, the more intrusive and commanding approach of Caff works well alongside Yoshi, as the pair provide one of my favourite collaborations by any combination previously mentioned, to date. Energy certainly lives up to it’s namesake as the pair trade bars that range from thought provoking to braggadocios with just a touch of shock-rap that Caff’s Hek-Tik Records imprint is renowned for.

While Yoshi drops a series of bars, that are no less than brilliant, his verse is dwarfed by Caff’s contribution with the Jarrow rhymer rattling off references to Family Guy’s Quagmire, Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg and Britain’s favourite geezer Danny Dyer. The constant name dropping of pop culture figures is reminiscent of a slightly less offensive, but equally creative Lunar C. In the past, Caff has failed to capture his potential and from my experience, Energy is the closest he’s came to reaching the lofty expectations many have of him. The culmination of a commanding mic presence, a sense of comfort over the beat and a deft ability to construct a series of bars that flow nicely together, makes for arguably the best verse to come out of the North East for the past few months.

If Caff can continue to consistently curate this standard of stanza’s, he’ll soon solidify himself as the best in the area – and it’s becoming increasingly exciting to watch him improve with each and every release.


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