Lee Hawthorn

Conscript returns with new motivational single – If That Is What It Takes

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Scrapping the up-tempo radio-friendly vibe of previous single, Evasive, Conscript is back with a new single in the form of the motivational If That Is What It Takes.

The new record from the Geordie emcee envelops an empowering message that articulates the artist’s struggles, and how he is ready to confront any challenge, overcome any obstacle and power through any bumps in his road to success. Stylistically, the track comes as a mixture of Joe Budden’s Some Love Lost from a lyrical perspective with a sound similar to D-Pryde – both of those emcee’s (particularly Budden), known for their deft ability to construct emotionally resonant records that remain timeless and become cult classics.

That’s not to say If That Is What It Takes quite matches the Mood Muzik quality of the legendary Slaughterhouse spitter, only that thematically, the content is similar. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom, as Conscript reflects introspectively on the challenges of making it in the music industry, as he soon comes out of the “hard to get out of bed” Budden-esque brooding, and exudes a never-say-die attitude that is a must-have for any aspiring musician. Alongside the Pryde like production, Conscript’s message moves away from tear-jerking, when juxtaposed with the braggadocios bragging of “I don’t do anything less than great” is brought into focus.

This is without doubt my favourite Geordie Hip Hop release of the year so far, not only because it lends itself to my favourite type of Hip Hop music – but because it is undeniably the greatest overall product. From the structural perspective of rhyme schemes, and patterns of verses, hooks and bridges mixed with the sonical approach taken, there is no weak point to this song and it makes for a huge improvement upon Evasive. The bar for North East Hip Hop in 2015 has now officially been set, and it’ll be interesting to see if Conscript can take it further with the next track or if the next best thing will come elsewhere, in response to the standard of this release.