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Ra-Za takes centre stage in latest Assist The Beat instalment from Adds Lad TV

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Adds Lad

As urban music in the North East continues to rise, it’s refreshing to see an established outlet continue to grow and improve. With Adds Lad TV, the region has it’s own answer to SB.TV, GRM Daily and Link Up TV and in the YouTube channels latest instalment of their Assist The Beat series, Ra-Za takes centre stage.

Following a quick shout out to the Joint Ops and New North East (NNE) movements he’s helping push, the Sunderland native jumps into the beat with a laid-back delivery, that doesn’t quite command the ear, but does situate the words as the centre of attention – and that’s always a good sign of a rapper’s priorities.

The lyrical content on show is perfectly passable for a freestyle series, with enough quality in the wordplay to distract from the lack of cohesiveness as the emcee throws a load of bars together from presumably unused segments of past verses, or those that are currently unfinished and in development.

With what might be the worst “so far ahead” scheme I’ve ever heard, as a result of it’s staggering simplicity, not every bar quite hits the spot but there are distinct signs of phenomenal potential embedded within this Assist The Beat freestyle. Glimpses of complex rhyming patterns, fit with internals and multi’s, combined with a relaxed flow that stands out within a scene swamped with aggressive spitters, at sixteen, Ra-Za has time on his side and is a certain one to watch in the North East rap circuit.


One Response to Ra-Za takes centre stage in latest Assist The Beat instalment from Adds Lad TV

  1. GrandpaRap 24th February 2015 at 11:26 am

    Great work MC, sick bars


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