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Sunderland Duo Hyde & Beast voice new cancer charity campaign

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX0ansQce9M]

Sunderland singing duo Hyde & Beast have been selected by the prostate cancer charity, Men United, as the voices for their new ad campaign.

Their song, the duo released single Keep On Moving last year, but this year they were approached by the charity, who asked if they could use the track for their new campaign. The drummer and producer of the band, Neil Bassett, says that he is “proud that the single was produced in their Sunderland studio and that it is being used to promote a powerful message”.

The advert, in which Hyde & Beast’s track is played, has been played in the advert breaks of premiership football matches, which means it’s getting heard by a lot of people. Neil Bassett added: “It’s just really nice that people in the creative industries appreciate our music.”

One of the best things about the ad campaign is that the men in it aren’t actors, they are real men who have been affected by cancer. Because of this, the band said they felt “excited, proud and useful”.

They added: “Everyone has been really positive. We are still getting messages saying: ‘sure I’ve just heard your advert.’ I think everyone knows someone that’s been affected by cancer so the feedback has all been positive and it’s good to know we are doing our bit to promote the cause and potentially save lives.”

The duo, Dave Hyde and Neil Bassett, have been performing together since 2011, and their second album, also named Keep on Moving, was released in the summer of last year.

Men United’s main prerogative is to get men standing up and talking to each other about the illness, but more importantly, making getting checked less of a big deal.#####

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