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Review: Jupiter Ascending

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 jupiter ascending

In a world where no one cares about the stars and no one believes there are other habitable planets, Lana and Andy Wachowski – The Matrix Trilogy creators – direct a movie where Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) swaps a job as a cleaner with owning the Earth.

Born on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic, without a country, without a home and even without a father, Jones is considered an alien – or, to be clear, an immigrant. She has lost her father while still in her mother’s womb. Jupiter is destined for great things but fate has another plan for her.

She, her mother and her auntie are waking up early in the morning and cleaning houses every day.  It is disturbing how the three of them sleep in only one bedroom but, in the evening, the whole family is together and  has a delightful dinner.

Jupiter’s father’s passion is her passion too and, in addition to raising money for a telescope, she goes to a hospital to sell her eggs, but aliens are trying to kill her. At this moment, complete with space boots, comes Caine (Channing Tatum) to help her.

The film is not that violent but full of adrenalin scenes, bringing Jones to the middle of a war of species in Chicago. The town is almost destroyed but the aliens rebuild it again in literally minutes and delete people’s memories so they do not know about the aliens. Caine saves Jupiter a number of times, which was a bit over the top as it was more than clear she had to stay alive.

She has to travel to Caine’s planet to stop a vicious son of a powerful family, Balem (Eddie Redmayne), who wants to be the next heir of the planet. The rulers of the planet are killing hundreds of people in order to keep themselves young and they also want to harvest the Earth.

The special effects and the beauty of the planets and the stars made the movie more than the idea or the story. There was not much excitement in what would happen because most of the scenes were predictable. The evil role of Redmayne impressed me the most. He has also performed in The Story of Everything, for which he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Jupiter falls in love in the extraterrestrial bounty hunter Caine but is rejected by him not just once but twice. However, the trailer spoils everything as it reveals they will kiss eventually and the movie ends with Jones and Caine on a date, where she drives space boots as easily as driving skates and he flies with wings.



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