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Solo Arts @ Holmeside Coffee and Independent until February 27

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Each month Holmeside Coffee and Independent host a weeklong exhibition to showcase some of the North East’s artists. February’s offering is a photography exhibit by Daniel Dale, titled REVERIE – Part Two.

The series of 24 still life images are scattered around the industrialised setting of Independent’s room two. The slightly disjointed layout makes viewing the collection like a game of hide and seek, from images placed at waist height to others projected onto the ceiling.

This sense of play is deliberate as Dale’s work strives to be dream-like through the use of light and reflections. The playful atmosphere is continued with strategically placed seats and mirrors, offering the viewer the chance to take some time out and see images of cities they know from an altogether different angle.

Personal perception is key to viewing this exhibit. The main aim is to feel like the pictures mess around with your standard views of Sunderland and Newcastle and to make the public possibly reconsider what they see.

Although Dale is keenly focussed on depicting alternative urban angles of the North East cities, there is a noted absence of specific places throughout the collection.

The belief is that this can offer people the chance to personally identify with the images, regardless of them knowing where the photograph was taken or if they have ever visited that place. Dale asks the question: “Is there reverie within my photography, and who holds it, photographer, subject or viewer?”

Part Two follows his initial set of blurred and almost ethereal photographs that can be purchased in print at the exhibition for a suggested donation price of £5.

Despite admiring the aim of giving everyone the ability to try to personally relate to the photography, I seemed to struggle to identify some of the locations.

My highlights were those images in which I recognised the location, giving me that personal connection. But I found a different sense of enjoyment in the beauty of hazy photographs taken through steamed up windows or those distorted by street lights and their reflections.

REVERIE – Part Two is only available to view from 9am till 5pm until Friday 27 February.


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