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Steel Panther return to Newcastle's O2 Academy

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Steel Panther

Where is Def Leppard? Where is Motley Crue? It doesn’t matter much, because Steel Panther are back at Newcastle’s O2 Academy to yell sweet nothings in your ear.

Joined by Skindred and Lounge Kittens, March 10 promises an evening of guitars, long hair and lyrics to make your Nan cringe.

Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Stix Zadinia are known for providing an experience, not just a performance. One thing they never shy away from is luring the audience onto the stage mid-song. Diehard fans can expect to hear such classics as; The Shocker and Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) alongside those from last year’s All You Can Eat album.

In the early days of their worldwide tour, the leather clad lads are primed and ready for a sing-a-long. If a night of aggressive hair flipping is what you’re after, then you really have nowhere else to be.

Steel Panther play Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Tuesday March 10. Tickets £24.18.#####

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