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Absorb proves he is a worthy contender to North East Grime throne with PTFAD

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As grime continues to culminate into a popular form of music made within North East Hip Hop, Absorb takes to the mic with PTFAD (Pull That Face And Die). Just B has cemented his name as a top MC with recent releases, but with this track Absorb proves himself as a worthy contender to B’s throne.

The Deeco produced beat is prominent throughout, and a less capable mic controller might have been drowned out. His cadence is best on show during the hook. The energetic chorus of PTFAD is up there with the best of Grime, genre wide, in 2015 – subsidiary only to Solo 45’s Feed Em To The Lions and Stormzy’s Know Me From which have proven hits that have transcended beyond the Hip Hop sub-genre pioneered by Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner.

As the 140 BPM centric tracks begin to earn international acclaim with Drake’s co-signs of various emcee’s, Kanye’s Brit Awards Performance and Skepta continuity as an immovable force determined to achieve stateside appeal and open the door for a British invasion – Absorb couldn’t come to my attention at a better time or with a better track.

With nods to McDonald’s and Orange Wednesdays and wordplay centring around seesaw’s that implores a reload, PTFAD is inherently Grime. In recent weeks, a playlist made up of the aforementioned Stormzy cut, Lady Leshurr’s #LUKATAR and Heavy Trackerz’ collaboration with Stormz, Big Narstie, D Double E and co. have been played back-to-back, on repeat, and PTFAD has just been added in to that rotation.


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