Tom Lainchbury

Psychic Sally on the Road comes to Sunderland Empire

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Professional medium Sally Morgan has developed a reputation as being a world-renowned psychic, capable of delivering messages from the afterlife with impressive accuracy.

An ordinary woman with an apparently extraordinary gift, she believes she has been able to communicate with people beyond the grave since her first psychic experience aged just 9-months-old.

Having formerly worked for exclusive clientele including many high-profile celebrities, Sally Morgan has now been touring for seven years. She is also the star of a number of television shows, including Sally Morgan: Star Psychic.

Known for her fun and down-to earth personality, Sally often performs with an element of comedy in her readings, bringing a more uplifting feel to the work of mediums and prompting many people to refer to her as a com-medium.

Britain’s best loved psychic Sally Morgan will be visiting Sunderland’s Empire Theatre on March 18. Tickets from £27.90.