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Review: Bible Of Beatz – You & Me Are Through

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Bible Of Beatz - You & Me Are Through

In recent weeks, Kanye West has been heavily criticised, and my supporting of Yeezy as a creative genius who has shaped the way music sounds has been ridiculed – yet, Bible Of Beatz’ new effort exemplifies Mr. West’s influence on Hip Hop.

‘Ye certainly wasn’t the first, or the best, to combine R&B with Hip Hop, but if you were to pinpoint when it began to grow in popularity it’s hard to mark anything other than 808’s & Heartbreaks as the epicentre. Since then, Drake has taken it a step further, and developed the fusion of the urban genres to another level in terms of quality, and so it’s hard to determine which of the pair of boundary pushing MC’s Bible Of Beatz is influenced by, maybe it’s a combination of the two.

In a similar vein as Kanye’s post-Amber-Rose-break-up LP, and Drake’s post-multiple-women-break-up anthology Take Care, Bible Of Beatz pens the tellingly titled You & Me Are Through in response to his own ex. Detailing the story in a simplistic manner, lacks the detail that made the two aforementioned albums cult-classics. There is a distinct deficit of specifics, leaving the story somewhat generic. Sure, it’ll make it more universally identifiable but there’s nothing to really, truly connect to and compel the listener to hit rewind.

The production is reminiscent of Destiny’s Child-esque R&B records from the 90s, mixed with a similar hook and simplistic verses, it’d fit nicely into radio rotation, but I’m not sure how well it would sit with Hip Hop heads. Even Drake is frowned upon by some traditionalists for his singer-rapper style and being overly sensitive – and Bible Of Beatz doesn’t quite come with Drake’s well-respected quotable game. Overall, You & Me Are Through is an enjoyable listen, it’s only that one little tweak to make it into something special – but given the standard of North East Hip Hop right now, it’s not good enough to be good, you have to be exceptional and this song is a quotable or two short of the mark.


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