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Quinzelly & OriginEarl collaborate for Reps produced Live4Now

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Quinzelly & OriginEarl live4now

Quinzelly’s unique inflection meets OriginEarl’s deliberative flow on the latest single from Q’s upcoming Live4Now album. The new release, and album title track, comes with production courtesy of Quinzelly’s regular conspirator Reps, the Geordie instrumentalist provides a brilliant backdrop, quirky and idiosyncratic for the two MCs to showcase their own distinct vocals and it makes for a very interesting listen.

Opening up with the back-and-forth hook, which see’s Q and Earl go line-for-line, in an individualistic chorus which is typical-of-the-track. The pair then dive into their own respective mini-verses, Quinzelly brings his broadly accentuated delivery and multisyllabic rhyming patterns, whereas OriginEarl comes with a stop-start flow that throws a little too much emphasis on the punchline – the pair do sound great together, especially on the hook and the structuring of the verses, it’s a breath of fresh air in a North East scene which all too often utilises the same patterns for collaborations.

The message of the track is motivational, but lacks the emotional drive and falls into a sense of monotony. If you deliberately take the time to listen, you’ll hear the instructions to work hard but for a casual listen, the purpose of the record isn’t prominent enough to make any significant effect. The unique deliveries are seemingly prioritised and pushed to the forefront of the cut, and while they are very much deserving of note, it shouldn’t be at the sacrifice of the message.

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