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Review: Wille and the Bandits @ INDEPENDENT

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Willie and the Bandits

Wille and the Bandits took to Sunderland’s Independent last Friday night (March 20).

After a quick hello the band wasted no time in getting straight into their set. The small crowd kept the gig chilled and relaxed which suited the blues rock sound of the band perfectly.

The three piece band, made up of frontman Wille Edwards, Matthew Brook and Andrew Naumann were tipped for big things by Radio 1 after Glastonbury 2014, and it’s not hard to see why, they kept the audience engaged throughout with their unique and sublime use of instruments.

Each song was introduced with its meaning which added extra quality. The songs were all so different, from blues, to folk with even some techno thrown in making it a mesmerising gig.

Despite pausing before each song to chat about important topics from the band’s day, such as pasties, the focus soon switched back to the music.

The strong vocals continued throughout the gig. Wille was able to effortlessly switch between genres without any struggle. One note he held was so subtle yet brilliant it truly reflected his skill and vocal range. At this point a general “wow” was given from fellow gig-goers as photos were taken of the band in full flow.

One of their songs was a true showcase of their talent, as a wide variety of instruments were used. This matched their set which looked like a museum of musical and instrumental prowess.

This gig simply took the listener into another world. Following an encore from the crowd, the band took to their instruments for one last time to say their goodbyes.

The gig was subtly mesmerising and beautiful; the band are definitely ones to watch this summer.

Wille and the Bandits will be heading back to the region on October 25 at The Cluny 2 in Newcastle.

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