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Review: Circus of Horrors

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Circus of horrors

The campest count in the land stalks the audience before the show, he is on the hunt for a new victim, entertaining the audience with bad card tricks as we wait for the curtain to go up.

“All sissies and chavs should leave the auditorium immediately” a voice booms over the speaker.

The crowds were as diverse as the acts, there were as many rainbow haired, leather-wearing eyeliner-overload theatre goers as there were average looking people. However there were quite a few empty seats towards the front of the stage.

The camp count, and his sidekick demon dwarf, opened the show with tongue-in-cheek humour, and set the crowd in fits of laughter with their crude jokes, before Dr Haze appears and begins to announce the various acts. His microphone was low quality, he could have been singing about the beers on offer at the bar, for all I could tell.

Audience members being harassed by actors is always fun, providing it isn’t you, and The Circus of Horrors certainly deliver with this. Thanks to the count and zombies they had everyone laughing at the poor individual’s expense.

First up are a group of gymnastic dancers, who catapult themselves on and off each other, they later return to play a very dangerous game of fiery jump rope. Other acts include Syco Sean and his knife throwing act, aerialist, a contortionist and more acrobatic dancing.

The highlights were Hannibal, complete with Mohawk and forked tongue, the world’s best sword swallower, who made the crowd gasp in shock at his totally outrageous stunts, followed by another aerialist  who swung through the air by her hair.

Although there wasn’t much of a storyline, the zombie idea was more of a theme with odd bits of fake blood towards the end, yet it didn’t feel like it was lacking a story line, it doesn’t need one, really, it is a circus after all, and the sheer amount of acts was more than enough to keep the crowds occupied.

Circus of Horrors moves away from conventional horror to instead give an amusing tongue-in-cheek view of the traditional stereotype, complete with singing and dancing-girls in tight corsets and fishnet stockings, that’s not to say there wasn’t anything for the women though, the demon dwarf certainly gave us an eyeful on various occasions and demonstrated a whole new use for hoovers.

All in all it has been one of the best birthday parties I have been to, the night was definitely made by the count and the demon dwarf, as without them the show would’ve been a rather dull affair. The Circus of Horrors has something for almost everyone, providing you aren’t squeamish.

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