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Review: Circa Waves’ debut album Young Chasers: “It’s a breath of fresh air that’ll have music snobs raging at the lack of quirkiness or originality”

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After the a string of attention grabbing tunes like Fossils and Stuck in my Teeth, Circa Waves album, Young Chasers, has finally landed; and it’s a forty-minute collection of indie belters.

There are influences from bands such as The Kooks and The Wombats on the album but the Liverpudlian foursome manage to bring a fresh feel to indie-pop, a genre that’s been lacking substance in the last few years. All the current generation has had to go off is the limp efforts of Bastille and the 1975. Circa Waves are a talent that can restore faith and popularity in the genre.

Young Chasers has all the makings of an indie summer soundtrack in the same way of Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album did.

With most albums, there’s a loss of momentum half way through, however Young Chasers manages to maintain focus throughout with a straight forward set order. As the record reaches its middle you’re brought down a peg with My Love and Deserve This. But just as you’re mellowing out you’re thrown straight back into the mix with the upbeat title track, Young Chasers.

The rounded sound and fluidity of the album gives the impression of a band who have been playing together for much longer than the two years they’ve been established.

Circa Waves

As expected with a debut, the album is not a masterpiece; the band couldn’t be awarded the title of lyrical genius’. The topics covered such as girls and youth are generic and predictable and there is no out-there, free-thinking, element to it. But quite frankly, the simplicity just adds to the charm.

It’s a breath of fresh air that’ll have music snobs raging at the lack of quirkiness or originality but Young Chasers has an overwhelming sense of youth and fun that could bring a smile to many-a-face.

The whole fun, summer vibe just screams a sense of youthfulness that is often missing from other indie albums. Unlike so many others, Circa Waves aren’t trying to be the next Arctic Monkeys and it shows through their music. They’re just four lads having a blast playing simple, catchy tunes.

The sense of youth is reinforced throughout the album, every track could have been released in the indie-pop peak of 2005 and done well. Young Chasers could have been released with the likes of The Kooks and The Libertines albums of that year and competed valiantly in the chart.

There’s no pretending, there’s just good tunes and a great summer vibe about the whole record. So ignore the snobs, stick on your wayfarers and dance like you’re at Reading and Leeds.

The band is due to perform at Newcastle’s Riverside on April 8. Tickets are on sale now at:

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