Lauren Dimmick

Frozen Fever: maybe they should have just Let It Go

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We always knew that Disney would do everything humanly possible to bleed Frozen for all it’s worth. The highest grossing animated film EVER, it was only to be expected that after the company had finished riding on the coat-tails of plush Olaf toys and various princess dresses, that they’d turn their attention to the next step.

Luckily for its many adoring fans (but unluckily for the parents and carers of said fans), Disney has broken up the wait between the first and newly announced second movie with the eight-minute short, Frozen Fever.

Available to see only exclusively with your ticket to see the latest live-action remake of Cinderella, Frozen Fever covers ditzy-favourite heroine Anna, and it’s her birthday. Obviously Elsa is desperate to make this birthday count (since she’s spent her previous years point-blank refusing to open the door to her, never mind buy her a cake) but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Not only are Olaf and Seth running amok and Kristoff being generally clumsy, Elsa has got a cold (dum dum DUMMMMM). Taking her own spin on man-flu, Elsa tries to keep her spirits up as she coughs and sneezes her way through the preparations, while her magical snot produces little snow-people (which will no doubt be another plush toy).

I won’t lie. Seeing these quirky kids in something new gave me a fantastically warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. After all, a good portion of us spent most of last year re-re-re-watching the movie, singing the songs and deeply discussing the (not very deep) plot. The cinema lit up with the wondering eyes of children and adults alike when Olaf made his comeback, and we sat wide-mouthed while the latest song was revealed.

Of course, they had a lot to match up to. Let It Go was big time, and it surely put some massive pressure on the writers to come up with a following act. It was still pretty disheartening when the cast spat out a generically basic lead song, that I couldn’t remember a line of not minutes after it ended. It seemed to be very much like something you’d see on Milkshake! or Cbeebies.

I feel like someone needs to say it though, so I’m putting myself forward: we are grown men and women. We are not Frozen’s key demographic. They are NOT here to please us. Still though, it hurts a little inside.

Frozen Fever is currently only available to see as a short before the new live-action Cinderella, which is in cinemas now.