Rebecca Leighton-Cox

Interview: Hardwick Live event organiser Jonathan Woodliffe “We want people to look back and say – oh I remember seeing them when they played Hardwick Live”

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Northern Lights’ local music editor, Rebecca, caught up with Jonathan Woodliffe, event organiser of Hardwick Live, so see what we can expect from the boutique festival in Sedgefield.

Jonathan said: “Owner [of Hardwick Live] John Adamson wanted to promote a boutique music festival for the North East, John approached me to come and work for him to organise this event, I started working in autumn 2012 to help launch Hardwick Live.

“The first Hardwick Live took place in September 2013 and we learnt a lot from having to run and launch a North East festival.

“The first year we had almost 8,000 people attend. People really enjoyed the festival so we decided to run a two-day festival the following year.

Hardwick Live 2014 had a really good response to their line up with Simple Minds headlining on the Friday and The Jacksons headlining on the Saturday at our boutique festival, despite ticket holders being sceptic they weren’t the real deal.

“People attending the festival actually couldn’t believe we had booked The Jacksons to play Hardwick Live. People actually thought that a Jacksons tribute act were playing. But we actually booked the real deal; it was an amazing day and The Jacksons were brilliant. No one thought The Jacksons would come and play in the North East, never mind Sedgefield.”

[This year at Hardwick Live] “We added a couple of new stages to the festival. The Discovery Stage will have The Cast headlining along with Smooth & Turrell. We also have some very exciting new emerging acts playing on the Discovery stage, and we have also added the Dome Stage which will host comedians in the early afternoon and from 5pm to about 11pm The Dome will play host to a great Dj line up with Joey Negro headlining, which we are really excited about.”

Hardwick Live have also added camping options, as well as a larger children area for children to enjoy during the festival.

“We have added an onsite camping area this year, we did glamping last year  and we had such a good response, people contacted us asking if we could offer camping this year.”

Hardwick Live boutique festival will also host some amazing bands this year with James headlining, special guest Razorlight, 10cc, Embrace, The Beat, Scott Matthews, Natasha North and many more.

Hardwick Live also wanted to showcase new bands that people will enjoy. As well as this, have big name bands to headline that everyone will know and like.

“We want people to look back and say – oh I remember seeing them when they played Hardwick Live.”

Hardwick Live will take place on August 22. Grab your tickets here: