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Review: Big Game “A must see for any teenage boy who loves explosions and action.”

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Before we start, let’s make one thing clear. This film is very much for dads and their lads. The whole premise of this film is set around targeting young boys who are obsessed with gunfire and the idea of swinging from helicopters.

Samuel L Jackson plays the President of the United States who is found by a young Finnish boy called Oskari (Onni Tommila). Oskari has been sent into the wilderness to prove himself a man. His challenge is to take a beast back to his family, his dad won a bear and the normal trophy was the head of a deer. However, Oskari managed to land the president of the United States. Not a bad prize at all.

This is a film that goes back to the days of Home Alone or The Goonies. It brings us brilliant imagery, big bangs, gunfire and comedy thrown into the middle. This all makes for am extremely pleasant 90 minutes in front of the big screen.

Jackson plays President Moore who has been betrayed by his bodyguard, Morris (Ray Stevenson). After Air Force One was shot down while on its way to a pre G8 summit by a missile, Jackson finds himself running away from terrorists with the help of 12-year-old Oskari.

Big Game is your standard action film, big guns, big explosions and predictable outcomes. The film also almost replicated a famous scene from Die Hard 2, try to spot it if you can.

The chemistry between Tommila and Jackson make the bond between their respective characters very believable and adds some substance to this all action film.

Credit where credits due though, Director Jalmari Helander, a man who made a similar film about a young boy chasing Santa, has created beautiful visuals, great colours and brilliant use of super slo-mo. The scenes that are shot in the wilderness are utterly breath-taking. The mountainous region of what is supposed to be Finland (it’s actually Germany) is breath taking-ly gorgeous and is brought to life on the big screen.

Helander is an upcoming star and is likely to be hugely popular in Hollywood in the coming years. This film feels like something Steven Spielberg would have created in the 1980s, something with style and precision.

The manly nature of this film is outlined by the fact that there is just one female role in the entire film. This dads and lads movie should have both groups tensing their muscles as they step out of the cinema. A must see for any teenage boy who loves explosions and action.

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