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Review: Slaves @ The Cluny

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Slaves @ The Cluny

Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent, better known as Slaves stopped by The Cluny on Monday (May 11) to play a sold out show. The pair are currently making their way around the UK and Newcastle was the fifth stop on their tour.

The venue was almost full to capacity when I arrived and the crowd were crammed in and waiting for the show to begin. Glaswegian trio Baby Strange took to the stage and wasted no time in getting straight down to business and launching into fast paced, in your face post-punk.

As frontman Johnny Madden belted out the lyrics to ‘Pure Evil’ claiming he’s tired of his generation, it’s clear to see that Baby Strange feel very much at home when performing in front of large crowds and take it completely in their stride. ‘VVV’ was a favourite with the crowd and I for one was intrigued to hear more from this relatively unknown band.

We now had a chance to catch our breath and recoup before Isaac and Laurie would grace us with their presence. When they appeared front of stage the crowd went wild and Holman had a cheeky grin for all to see.

‘White Knuckle Ride’ was their first offering and that’s exactly what it felt like we were on throughout the performance. There was no time wasted opening up a pit allowing the hyped up crowd to let loose and enjoy the music to the fullest.

“If you are not happy in your line of work, you should try something different, you know?” is the advice Holman had to share with us all before charging into their latest single ‘Cheer Up London’. The anecdotes the boys had to share throughout the show were pure gold and helped with building a great rapport with the audience.

Midway through, power on stage was lost but you would be wrong in thinking this flustered the confident duo. Holman took this brief interval as an opportunity to ask the Newcastle crowd how they were all doing and congratulated them on getting through another Monday.

‘Feed The Mantaray’ was dedicated to the neighbours that make too much noise and a guest appearance from Hank Marvin the Mantaray added to the chaos which was unfolding within the walls of The Cluny.

The lads had teased the crowd throughout getting up close and personal with the front row dwellers but by the last song they couldn’t resist any longer and flung themselves towards the fans. Madness ensued as Laurie hung from the lighting fixture & everyone knew this was the last chance to go completely crazy.

It’s clear to see why The Cluny gig was a sell-out after watching Slaves in action. The pair know how to put on a fantastic show and put so much energy into their performances which in turn drives the crowd wild.


Slaves debut album ‘Are You Satisfied?’ will be released on 6th June.


Words: Terri Kelleher

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