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Poltergeist set to haunt cinemas this week

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Poltergeist tells the story of a young family whose American suburb house is overtaken by demons. When their youngest daughter is taken away by a poltergeist, the family must take advice from experts and come together to take her back from evil before she disappears forever.

The largely unknown director, Gil Kenan, directs this 20th Century Fox supernatural horror. Kenan directed the Oscar nominated film Monster House in 2007 but has had few projects since. Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi, mastermind behind Spiderman 3 and The Evil Dead, lends his hand as producer to this frightening film.

The story is written by Steven Spielberg and is designed to have you jumping out of your seat as clowns fly towards the screen. From the trailer, the film looks rather like a Paranormal Activity and Sinister crossover in the way people are thrown around rooms and children turn evil.

Poltergeist comes to cinemas on Friday May 22.


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