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Review: Wombats Glitterbug “You can feel the emotional investment put into the songs”

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After a sell-out UK tour including Newcastle’s O2 Academy, The Wombats are showing that the balanced blend of synths and guitars that give them that Wombatiness is as strong as ever in their third album, Glitterbug.

Following on from its successful predecessors A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation and This Modern Glitch, Glitterbug carries the better elements of both to create arguably their best album yet.

The deluxe version features 13 songs and combines the uplifting, dance-provoking Wombatiness of the first album combined with the deep, thoughtful lyrics that embody the band’s four-year-old second album.

The catchy beats from the likes of Give Me A Try, Emoticons and Your Body Is A Weapon are complimented by the more melodic tunes of Isabel and Pink Lemonade.

The band’s front-man and songwriter, Matthew Murphy, more affectionately known as Murph, dips into his own personal difficult experiences to create easily relatable lyrics, similar to when he reflects on suffering from depression in the song Anti-D in Modern Glitch.

You can feel the emotional investment put into the songs, Emoticons was written by Murph in Los Angeles when his long-distance relationship was on its inevitable beginning-of-the-end descent.

Anyone who has ever gone through the anguish and frustration of loving someone who does not feel the same way will find the music infectious and significant. Lyrics such as “Kiss me with your fist, it’s all right. Wrap your hands around my throat, I don’t mind. I’m permanent, now I won’t go. I just wanna be your shadow,” are belted out in Be Your Shadow.

This is where the Liverpudlian band excel, pairing strong lyrics with a mood-elevating indie beat that you can not help but at least tap your foot or shake your head to (or both).

Overall, an excellent indie start to the year continues with this album; continuing on from Little Comet’s Hope Is Just a State of Mind release. A guaranteed summer mood-buster for fans of the genre.

Currently touring North America, the indie group will be back in the UK during the summer to perform in T in the Park and Reading & Leeds festivals.

You can buy Glitterbug on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and on vinyl from the band’s official site.

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