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Derren Brown’s Miracle comes to Sunderland this may

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derren brown

Get ready for your minds to be blown – Derren Brown is on his way to Sunderland.

The magician come mindreader, who has enthralled us with his TV specials for years, is back on the road with his new show Miracle.

He has been typically secretive of what to expect in the performance,  but if his track record is anything to go by, audiences can expect the seemingly impossible to be played out in front of their eyes.

A master of trickery (or, in fact, a real-life wizard), Derren is known for his ability to make you go: “Wait, what? How… That can’t have just happened!” until your brain hurts, and with a running time of over two hours, he’s got a lot of time to convince you that he is, in fact, a miracle.

Derren Brown will be at the Sunderland Empire from 25-30 May.

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