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Gaming review: Wolfenstein The Old Blood ” It is a stronger game and shows how much MachineGames have learnt in a year”

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Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a welcome return to the world that was created in Wolfenstein The New Order. Back in that game the Nazis had won the Second World War and this standalone prequel sees B J Blazkowicz infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein.

In many ways the opening 20 minutes of the game is reminiscent of The New Order where you are knocked unconscious and have to escape from a facility that is run under the Nazi regime. With a sense of deja vu around you although the game is set earlier, things begin to get moving as you work your way through the castle.

The first-person-shooter (FPS) seems to lag behind when encountering enemies but most of the time is spent focussing on using stealth to your advantage as you have to deal with Nazi soldiers that are powered by an unknown force. As you creep around the various tunnels, corridors and rooms there are several of these soldiers that block the way you want to go. It can take quite a while to deal with them, especially if you aren’t able to work out how to defeat them.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood 1

With a range of weapons to choose from such as shotguns, carbine and a flare gun. Perhaps the most useful is the pipe picked up when you first wake up. It acts as a multi-purpose tool for most situations whether it be dual-wielded, destroying Nazis or climbing up walls. You are thrown into a game that puts you straight in the action to defeat the Nazis. Essentially it is a game that is based entirely on fighting your way out.

This can be a worry, too much focus on action can detract from real goal but developer MachineGames have done a good job in making sure that there is enough to keep you occupied as each chapter progresses. In situations where you have little ammo and health there is an emphasis on survival and trying different strategies to complete a level.

Not much has changed in terms of gameplay albeit the storyline is different and set before the events of The New Order, there is plenty to like about the game. A shooter that offers a great deal of action while keeping you on your toes as you use stealth to navigate the castle.

If anything it is a stronger game and shows how much MachineGames have learnt in a year. This is a game that gives you the full action experience and for that reason alone it ranks as one of the best games to have been released this year.

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