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Interview: Ali’s Love Child’s guitarist hopes to carry the momentum of band’s success

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Newcastle-based rock band Ali’s Love Child are hoping to carry the momentum of the last eight months that has seen them release their first EP Cupid’s Fallen and finish third in a national competition.

Guitarist Al Hall speaks of how their experience in The Independent’s Battle of the Band competition gave them the confidence boost they needed.

He also tells about how almost immediately after competing they headed to the studio to record their first tracks.

After competing in a heat in Newcastle with other bands, they encouraged their friends to vote for them and their support helped them to make the final held in Manchester.

Al Hall said: “Coming third was a lot better than we expected because the other bands were really fantastic, but we were really chuffed with how we did. It was a really good experience.

“It was a big confidence booster and there were four judges – a lady from the BBC, a lady who runs one of the festivals that I can’t remember the name of and a couple of people from The Independent.

“We spoke to them afterwards and they were all very complimentary about the music and that gave us ideas of how we could push things forward.

“It was really good for the band to realise that we have got some legs, as it were and the potential to go further with it.

“After that, we recorded the EP and it was a good combination of doing the Manchester gig and recording straight afterwards.”

Ali’s Love Child have been forging their music in the North East music scene where they have been able to gain the support of fellow bands, as everyone seems to be rooting for each other to do well.

They know many bands and promoters on a personal level, which has helped to secure gigs.

The EP has allowed promoters to hear their sound, so they can work out who they could potentially support.

Mr Hall added: “The good thing for us is that a lot of bands are quite similar, and without sounding cocky, we think, we are slightly different because rock music is dominated by metal up here.

“We try to go back to classic rock, blues-based stuff, like Guns N Roses, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin – that kind of thing.

“There are some decent blues bands coming through and there’s been a band we’ve been playing with, called Clipper. They’re not as rocky as us but they are bluesy.

“The music scene can get a bit repetitive so it’s nice when you do find some other people like you.”

Having formed back in October, the band consists of Jack Donnelly, Jordan Smith, Al Hall, Riaz Fuyo and Dom Visser.

For guitarist Al Hall, it had been a long-term ambition of his to be part of a band, and despite having to juggle his university studies around the band, this has been everything he has worked towards.

“Obviously music is really difficult.

“It is hard to make it but, ideally, that’s all we want to do with our lives so you have to be confident.

“It’s just a lot of fun really. There’s definitely the drive and it’s just working things out around uni and sometimes that can be tricky. But we always make it work somehow,” said Mr Hall.

As for the next few months, the group are planning to head back to the studio in June to record another EP, after seeing how successful their first EP went down, where they ended up with tracks being played on the radio.

He added: “At the moment we’re in an awkward transition phase between bassists, as our bassist is in a foreign student from Malaysia in his final year. And he’ll be heading home in the summer.

“The bad thing about being university students is over summer everyone disperses to a certain extent, so we’ve got a couple of gigs coming up one next week and one, potentially, in July.

“It’s going to be the EP and promoting that for our focus over the next couple of months. We might do a couple of acoustic gigs, but the next step is trying to support someone who has already got a following and you have to hope that we’ll borrow a few of their fans.”

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