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Click Chase talk about their successful Just Like You song and upcoming EP That’s Life

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Sitting before me is an unshaven, messy haired but yet well-spoken individual, Click Chase Drew Armstrong.

He sits slouched across a Chesterfield sofa opposite me, gulping from a pint of Dark Fruit Strongbow.

Click Chase are made up of Armstrong and Alanna Wilson, the latter providing the soulful lyrics to the beats that Armstrong dreams up.

Looking at him, it would never be believed this man’s music had just been played on Radio 1, BBC Newcastle and secured his first record deal.

“We had our song Just Like You playing on Radio 1 and BBC Newcastle in the same week, which was a proper weird week.

“I was trying to do work but it was all a little distracting. This Italian label heard it, and some guys who do remixes heard it and they got in touch with us, so we thought we’d see how it went,” said Mr Armstrong.

As he sat up for another swig of his cider, Armstrong revealed how much he enjoyed the final remix: “They sent a song back for us to try out, and we weren’t keen on it because it just wasn’t very good – we were very honest with them.

“Then they sent a second one across and it blew our heads off. It was so f****** good, man – it was really good.

“When you listened to it through a big set of speakers, you could just tell someone had spent a lot of time making it. That’s what we wanted.”

The recent success that the band has had brings about a smile across the guitarists face, and it becomes evident how passionate the young man is about the music he creates.

“The label rang us up and asked if we would be interested in making an EP so we jumped at the chance really.

“We’ve just been recording that at the minute. It’s all written but the production bits are taking ages.

“We still do it all in my living room, although we had the option of a studio. We make our best music when we’re comfortable in a comfortable environment,” said Armstrong.

Picture: Click Chase/ Facebook.

Picture and quote (below): Click Chase Facebook page.

And so we have entered the early stages of recording, our EP is going to be called… ‘That’s Life’. ‪#‎OutJune‬ Also a picture of us rarely drinking.. see you soon. D & A x
Thrusting out his phone, Armstrong plays the remix out of his phone.

Instantly, the Balearic sounds fill my ears and remind me of my numerous lads’ holidays and the good times flood back. Tune.

Mr Armstrong mentions that there has already been small signs of success from the track.

He said: “The good thing about the remix is that Ministry of Sound have licensed it already.

“We don’t know what they’re going to use it for like.

“It’s crazy, but we see it as the more people that ask us about it the better – we just want to get ourselves out there.

“I believe that, hopefully, in the future, it’ll climb a ladder and we’ll be steady with it. If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t get anywhere.”

Click Chase’s first EP will be released early in June but the future is more than just one record for the duo.

Picture & quote (below): Click Chase Facebook page.

Picture & quote (below): Click Chase Facebook page.

Recording fun for the EP that’s life

“Alanna is moving abroad in October and I’m going with her, I’m basically following her and we can do gigs on the way. We’re both really excited about it,” added Mr Armstrong.

As he comes to the end of his second pint in quick succession, he reveals that the band is going international.

He said: “We play Istanbul on June 30, but we can’t really organise a lot because of the work we need to do on the EP, so we’re having to commit to that right now.

“They won’t know what we’re singing about, but it should be lots of fun though. That’ll just be guitar and vocals too.

“We still make a lot of noise, just the two of us. Our music has enough in there without anything else, and Alanna’s voice is really powerful. “

But hitting the continent is not the only thing that the songwriter has in his sights.

Mr Armstrong added: “I’ve always said that when your song is used on an advert, or in a film, that’s really cool. I’ll be happy with that.

“Like the Trivago advert or home insurance, it’ll just be cool. I’d quite like to have music that has made an impact, something like Oasis or The Verve. These are people whose songs will just never die.”