Aiden Carroll

The Minions own film rolls into cinemas this June

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Universal Pictures are set to release their new movie, Minions, worldwide in June 2015. The third instalment of the Despicable Me franchise hits UK cinemas on June 26, and it has potential to be a box office smash.

The story follows the little yellow Minions through the ages of time as they search for the most despicable leader possible. After they accidentally destroy all of their leaders, from a T. Rex to Dracula, they look for a new beginning in the form of Scarlet Overkill, (Sandra Bullock) an ambitious young villain who is determined to be the world’s first female super-villain.

As well as travelling through time, the movie sees Kevin, Stuart and Bob travel the world. After travelling from Antarctica to New York  the Minions finally end up in London where they must act to save the existence of all Minions.

The film is set for a summer release after the success of Despicable Me 2 which raked in over $970 million in 2013.

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