Slam Dunk Review!

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Abbey Booth had only ever been to one day of Leeds festival back in 2012, so had no idea what to expect when walking up to the gates of Slam Dunk festival. Luckily, I’m a Slam Dunk veteran, though I’d never had the chance to watch the gig outside before. We got in early, so we had chance to wonder around check out the other stages and browse the merch before checking out the first band on the main stage, Set It Off.

From the get go, lead singer Cody Carson gave the set everything he had, practically sprinting across the stage whilst singing from the top of his lungs. We were tired watching him! His love for performing music is clear, and his god vibes are reciprocated by the audience. After playing a few original songs (including fan favourite Ancient History) the band kicks off into Problem by Ariana Grande, a true crown pleaser from the most recent Punk Goes Pop album. If nothing else it gave Cody and Dan the chance to showcase their epic rapping skills!

Abbey then stayed by the main stage for a chance to catch Pvris to perform while I went to interview Zebrahead. Having only heard a couple of songs from Pvris before, she was not too sure of what to expect. The crowd went wild, everyone loved them and you could tell how nice they were as people on stage. They were really enjoying their performance.

We then got the chance to watch We Are The Ocean play, whilst we were eating some food from one of the food trucks, we were sat at the back so we had to watch them on the screen. We also got to catch a little bit of Lower than Atlantis, they played one of Abbey’s favourite songs, Words Don’t Come Easily. We also stocked up on merch while they were on, we didn’t get to catch their whole set, but they sounded great from where we were!

Zebrahead were possibly one of my funniest interviews so far! Great guys with an equally great sense of humour, so of course I had to catch their set at Slam Dunk! I’d already told them the pressure was on, they were the first rock band I’d ever seen live, and their awesome energy made for a memorable night. They were already feeling the heat, and they didn’t let me down.

Over five years on, the band still has the same bouncing energy. Even though they were on one of the smaller stages, they delivered a main stage worthy performance. On the way from the noodle stand we could hear the impressive riffs of Rescue Me, which features on the band’s new album Early Years Revisited.

Don Broco were great too, despite a few technical problems and one of the band members ripping his trousers on stage! They played a good mix of old and new songs. We popped up to the press area where you could see the entire crowd. It brought a new perspective onto the festival, it was so busy and the crowd was so into the music.

Closing the night was You Me At Six, they are Abbey’s favourite band, so obviously she was going to love them, despite ending up in a mosh pit, getting slapped all over, and crowd surfers gone wrong (didn’t get kicked in the head this time, bonus). We managed to make our way to the front as well, braving a few mosh pits along the way. As promised, they performed a lot of songs from their Take Off Your Colours album, and played some of their more recent hits too! One of our favourite golden oldies is Always Attract, which is such a lovely song and it gave us chills when the entire crowd were singing it back to them, it was honestly one of the best times that we have seen You Me At Six live! They ended on Bite my Tounge and Underdog, which were amazing. Everyone was singing along!

We wish we could go back and do the day again, it was awesome. If you ever get the chance to go to Slam Dunk then we’d definitely recommend it!


Photos courtesy of Giles Smith