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Review: Lifehouse Out Of The Wasteland

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14 years on from the debut album No Name Face, which spawned their biggest hit Hanging By A Moment, Lifehouse are back with their new album Out Of The Wasteland. This is the seventh album of their career and their first since leaving their previous label Geffen.

Previous album Almeria had a very mixed response and was in truth a fairly poor album. It showed a band attempting a new sound, but they struggled and it failed to make any connection with most fans. Will Out Of The Wasteland do any better?

The first thing that’s apparent from the new album is the band have gone back to their typical sound. A very polished sound which is made for radio, alongside bands like Creed, Theory Of A Deadman and The Calling. This is the style that brought Lifehouse their success. Opening track and lead single Hurricane is a fast-paced machine, built for radio play, while Runaways will get crowds singing along at concerts, due to its anthemic quality.

Where the album does lose steam is when the band do the other side of their repertoire, which is the ballads. There is nothing wrong with a ballad and if done well, it can add a another string to a an artist’s bow, but if they are done badly or even mediocre, they can derail any momentum an album has built up; this is evident with Out Of The Wasteland. One For The Pain is a slow, plodding song which, quite frankly, serves the album no purpose and drags the package down as a whole. But this is not to say all the ballads are bad. Alien is decent enough, with its synth-tinged sound, while Central Park sounds very much like it would have fit perfectly on the debut album back in 2001, with its dreamy feel and soft, slow melody.

Out Of A Wasteland is a solid dependable album. It does not re-invent the wheel but what it does, it does well. If you are a fan of Lifehouse or bands like Creed of The Calling, you will probably find a lot to like here.

Currently touring the US, Lifehouse will be playing five dates in the UK from September 28.

Out Of The Wasteland is available to buy from Amazon, iTunes and as part of special edition from the band’s website.

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