X-Factor hopeful Josh Daniel chats to Amie Slack

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Josh Daniel, 21, from Billingham, made his appearance on the X-Factor weeks ago and made it through to Boot Camp after stunning both the audience and the judges!

As Josh is from the North-East, I thought it would be a great idea to ask him a few questions on the X-Factor and some advice. I messaged him some questions and amazingly he replied! So here is my exclusive interview with Josh Daniel!


A: When did your passion for singing and performing begin?

J: My passion for singing and performing really came the first time I stood on a stage in secondary school! I hadn’t previously realised I could sing and I think that feeling of a crowd appreciating what you do is infectious I loved it ever since! I was always musical from young playing violin, piano and guitar but I didn’t sing a note till I was about 15!

A: When you auditioned on the X-Factor, did you ever expect the reaction you received?

J: Of course I never imagined that I would get the reaction I have had! I’ve always been lacking in self-belief and never really thought I could be good enough to go far in the show and I think the response has just been the biggest confidence boost in the world. It’s so heart-warming to have worldwide support for your dream and for so many people to relate to how I sang the song. The judges getting emotional I think was overwhelming on the day, because I got lost in the song and didn’t really notice what was going on, as soon as I stopped and came back into the room I was like… oh!

A: How are you dealing with the spotlight you now have after the amazing performance? Being noticed by celebrities and people from all over the world must be insane!

J: Yeah I mean the spotlight is always something that you are kind of signing up for by entering one of these shows, and even though I thought I knew exactly what to expect you can multiply the pressure by 10 in reality. It’s brilliant though, getting recognised and being able to interact with fans face to face and online is the best feeling, they are always the most important because fans drive your career and without them you can’t succeed. Labrinth, Paloma, Chris Brown etc. are all massive role models to me in the industry and for them to be talking about me and promoting my music is an absolute dream come true I honestly couldn’t ask for any more.

A: Being from a small North East town like myself, what advice would you give to people who would want to pursue singing as a career but believe there’s no opportunities? How did you put yourself out there?

J: Advice wise I would say never give up, and it’s a cliché thing to say… But it’s true. Never say no to any opportunities even if it appears that it may not directly benefit you because you never know who is going to be watching, or what other doors may open. If you want the dream bad enough, work for it. Because when you become a big household name in the industry it only gets harder, being a local performer is always a test of whether you can deal with the pressures on a much smaller scale. It’s equally as important to stand out, because the music industry is heavily overcrowded and if you do the same thing as 500 other people can do in the UK then you are much less likely to attract the attention of big companies. I put myself out there with talent competitions and open mic nights initially, and then started to play in the odd pub and word starts to travel fairly quickly to be fair! Once you have impressed a venue they always tend to have you back, and everywhere is dying for live music!

A: How do you prepare yourself before performing, do you have any little warm up routines?

J: Before I perform I always tend to go quiet, it’s the way I deal with my nerves, just slow deep breaths and get my head in the game. People always ask me if I’m alright because it appears as though I’m upset or in deep thought but I just like to compose myself!

A: Before you auditioned for the X-Factor, which judge did you have in mind which you would like as your mentor, and why?

J: I never really had an ideal judge in mind! I saw it as a blessing to be mentored by any one of them so I just went in with an open mind. Nick and Cheryl understood me from the get go, and of course I had a connection with Simon too. Rita wasn’t actually there at my first audition but I was still feeling fairly happy that none of the judges disliked me moving forward. It would be a nightmare getting mentored by someone who didn’t particularly enjoy your audition!

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