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Stewart Francis Pun Gent 2015

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stewart francis



Not so much pungent as pun – gent.

Star of shows such as Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo, Stewart Francis graced Newcastle with his deadpan humour and barrage of one liners that we have come to expect from the Canadian comedian. Like with his other shows he provided some new material that was a hit with the audience, including myself.

Taking crack shots at British and American  pop culture such as the Bill Cosby scandal and EastEnders the audience was led down a whimsical , hysterical pathway where you learned that nothing is really safe from being poked fun at ‘I was told if I play with myself too much I’d go blind’ then he dropped a bottle of water on the ground.

Also present in the show which you normally wouldn’t associate with Stewart Francis’ shows was a screen and projector to help out with some of the gags which was unusual but worked very well although, it could have seriously backfired if the gags weren’t as funny or if the projector broke down. During the intermissions the screen also showed some visual one liners to keep the audience tided over.

With a cheeky chappy smile that makes him seem younger than he actually is and a warm friendly face, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mr Francis make the audience laugh, cringe and cheer with every gag, joke and one liner that spouted from him. I even got involved as when he asked the crowd were there any Americans in the audience tonight I screamed  whoo! and he responded by saying there’s one really sarcastic Brit in the audience tonight which got everyone laughing.

Overall I had a wonderful time watching one of my favourite comedians work his magic over the crowd and here’s hoping the Canadian wonder will return to Newcastle soon.


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