Jonathan 'Kit' Shaw

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 preview

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The latest entry into the blockbuster franchise that is Call of Duty takes players to the year 2065 where cybernetic augmented soldiers are now a the main driving force on the battlefield. With the new cyber core ability system and enhanced movement the campaign will present itself with multiple ways to play and with the return of 4 player co-op campaign, players will be able to combine their play styles with the new gameplay.

Story wise it revolves around two factions locked in a fairly large conflict, on side is the Winslow Accord and they are currently at war with the Common Defence Pact (CDP). In the mission Rise and Fall the CDP appear to be invading Egypt, terming up wont the Egyptian army, the player and another character are sent to kill or capture Doctor Salim all while destroying Ramses station to cut his escape and to deny additional CDP soldiers a quick access route into Cairo, ultimately they encounter heavy resistance, with the characters eventually destroying a large quadruped mech.

Gameplay wise a lot of changes have been made to allow normally 4 player coop but for the cyber ability as well. Each of the 4 players will have their own unique load out chosen prior to the mission similar to Black Ops 2, however during the developer demo the players were using specific load outs, player 1 was seen using the ARK – 7 assault rifle with the RK-5 a three round burst pistol, P2 was using the Vesper submachine gun with L-CAR9 full auto pistol, P3 used the BRM light machine gun with the MR6 handgun and finally P4 was using the Locus sniper rifle along with the L-CAR9.

Initially the players did have a special weapon called the spike launcher which they then used to accomplish their objective, P1 destroyed the first objective and used his remote hijack ability to take control of an enemy drone and use it against them, it was then that p2 detonated the second objective and as p2 was preparing his next ability p4 destroyed the third objective where upon afterwards p2 used one of the abilities to cause a drone to turn against its soldiers and self detonate over them whilst p3 used the surge ability to cause a enemy robot towards them and explode. Throughout the remainder of the demo more of the new abilities are shown to us, one being the electro static strike which can electrocute an enemy with a deadly melee strike, the thrust jump which can also be used to allow wall running and is best advised to hip fire while doing so as iron sight aiming is a bit tricking… unless you are pro of course.

This is shaping up to be a huge step forward for the CoD series as a whole, these new changes are continuing to keep the series fresh and you will be able to try them out for your self on November 6.