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The Last Witch Hunter Review

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The Last Witch Hunter is an American supernatural action film directed by Breck Eisner.

The Last Witch Hunter follows Kaulder (Vin Diesel) an immortal witch-hunter who sets out to stop a witch caused plague from destroying New York City. On this quest Kaulder is joined  Chloe (Rose Leslie) a witch bartender, a priest known only as  the 37th Dolan ( Elijah Wood ) and his predecessor Father Dolan (Michael Caine), journey to find a way to stop the Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht) who gave Kaulder his immortality and save New York City.

The movie itself sets up a world of witches and magic just enough (To keep this reviewer, wanting to know more)  that the plot itself and the magic used won’t confuse  or lose the audience although some of the spell and charms names did leave me asking what are they called again, but in the grand scheme of the plot the names are not very important and don’t halt the story in anyway as it moves swiftly to its conclusion. The movie which is billed as an action film lacked any gripping action, their is a impressive use of CGI however particular in the spells and looks of the witches.

The cast is good with Rose Leslie being a stand out and Vin Diesel pulling a decent enough leading man to carry the film, Julie Engelbrecht does a good job in playing the creepy and dangerous Witch Queen, although Michael Caine doesn’t sadly have much of a presence here and Elijah Wood’s character doesn’t really make an impact, and is mostly here in certain scenes to be the audience surrogate.

Overall The Last Witch Hunter is a film that wont send the box office on fire and wont be ranked high on the best films on 2015, but it is a film that has created a world that is interesting to see on film that is ripe for further exploration and with the door left open a crack for possible more sequels than it seems it will be, but either way The Last Witch Hunter is a fairly enjoyable fantasy world.

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