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Once Upon A Time – The Broken Kingdom

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So for the past two episodes we have witnessed Emma swan AKA the Dark One trying to retrieve the Excalibur from the famous sword in the stone.

But shock horror, she failed in her efforts.

Apparently only the hero with the purest heart can fulfil the prophecy.

But who in Storybrooke has the purest heart?-  Mary Margaret killed Cora and the saviour is now dark. For once Storybooke is lacking a hero!

There’s only one thing Swan can do, create the purest hearted hero. And who could that be? None other then the former Dark One, Rumplestiltskin – how ironic.

Emma brings the once dieing, former Dark One back to life after she goes on a quest to find the last object Rumple Aka Mr Gold touched as a human before becoming the essence of all evil.

The object just happened to be a sword which Captain Hook (her current lover) had tucked away on the Jolly Roger.

After trying to persuade the pirate into thinking the old Emma was still inside, Swan lured him into a false sense of security by transforming the boat into a beautiful picnic area.

Fortunately Hook isn’t just a pretty face and clocked on to Swans diversion.

Too little too late.

Flash back in time to Camelot where everyone is trying to save Emma from the darkness and we find out King Arthur isn’t as good as we once thought.

All Arthur cares about is finding the Dark Ones danger to complete his excalibur and to get revenge on Merlin for making a mockery out of the King of Camelot.

First he manipulates David aka Prince Charming into going on a quest to find a special mushroom which will help him communicate with Merlin- who is currently stuck inside a tree I may add.

Then he back stabs his best friend, Sir Lancelot by taking the love of his life away – granted she is Arthur’s wife but who could stop true love when it comes to fairytales?

At the end of this weeks episode we see the reappearance of Merida, the Brave Scot who is talented with a bow and arrow.

It looks like Swan is trying to make Rumple into the greatest hero he can be by recruiting the red head to teach the cowardly ex Dark One how to be Brave.

Will she succeed?

Will Arthur get his comeuppance?

Will Merlin ever get out of that tree?

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