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Review: 1D bring ‘On the Road Again’ tour to Newcastle

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The boys who didn’t win X-Factor may be an original member down but that in no way compromises One Direction’s ability to perform effortlessly to the masses. On Monday night they swept away the crowd with their powerful voices and prodigious stage presence.

Kicking off their huge set of 25 songs was Clouds which the hardcore fans will know is the twelfth song from their fourth album, ‘Four’. The fans who were not so well versed in album tracks were then swiftly rewarded with the boys belting out Kiss You which was the perfect song to keep the mood as high as the ceiling in the arena.

Briefly stopping between songs to thank the crowd, telling us that ‘they’re only here because of their fans’, taking selfies with those 11,000 fans and for Niall to give us all a brilliant impression of the Geordie accent which wouldn’t have been out of place in the Bigg Market, they soldiered through the rest of their set, impressing with every song.

I’m no stranger to a One Direction concert, having seen the former five-piece a questionable amount of times and I’m the first to admit that I didn’t know if they could survive without Zayn however his notable vocals were covered by the four boys with seamless capability.

They wowed the crowds with numbers from their latest album including Girl Almighty, Ready to Run and Where do Broken Hearts Go? and also gave a welcome address to their previous album tracks with Midnight Memories, Story of My Life and Little Things.

It’s hard to believe that five years ago One Direction came third in Simon Cowell’s X-Factor and that in the original case, none of the boys were deemed vocally strong enough to hold it on their own when you hear the sheer strength of their voices in a powerful song like You & I.

The 1D boys finished their two hour set with What Makes You Beautiful, the song that gained them their first of many UK number 1’s, and Drag Me Down, the first single since Zayn’s departure and that indeed certainly hasn’t dragged them down.

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