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Review: Dreamboats and Miniskirts

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Sunderland Empire

Dreamboats and Miniskirts came to the Sunderland Empire Theatre on Monday October 26 for its opening night in Sunderland. The theatre performance comes as a sequel to the very successful Dreamboats and Petticoats, that toured the UK back in 2014.

The acclaimed West End show follows on from its predecessor, Dreamboats and Petticoats. The characters Bobby (Alex Beaumont) and Laura (Elizabeth Carter) are still singing and Norman (Alastair Hill) and Sue (Laura Darton) have a few surprises for you. Even if you haven’t seen the first show, the characters explain everything to you in a humorous and light-hearted way and you’ll still fall in love with them.

The show is set in London, in the 1960s with many appearances at St Mungo’s and an appearance in Liverpool in the first half of the performance. The Cockney and Scouse accents are played upon but in a rather frivolous way with more focus on what the characters are saying. It’s important to listen as they give things away to you subtly.

It was my first time at a theatre performance so I was apprehensive as to what to expect, but that suddenly changed when the live music and singing started off the show. A rendition of Picture of You sung by Joe Brown kickstarted the evening, with sixties songs making a comeback throughout the show. Being born in 1994, didn’t stop me from singing along to classics such as “I Only Want to Be With You”, “Be My Baby” and “The House of the Rising Sun”. There was an eclectic mix of music from rock and roll, to ballads and acapella renditions, with all of the characters showing an impressive ability to play instruments and sing well live, in my opinion.

The story of the characters unfolded bit by bit, letting the viewer into the 1960s world that little bit more, taking some back to the golden days.

The hemlines are higher in this show both literally and metaphorically in terms of success, but that doesn’t affect the show’s ability to wow. I was amazed at the choreography, even wanting to get up and dance myself and the composition of the music is to behold. Many of the audience members including myself couldn’t help but sing along to the hypnotising beats. I had the songs in my head after I left the theatre.

The songs are splendidly varied, with solos, duets, band performances, ensemble numbers and an amazing a cappella rendition of You Really Got A Hold On Me in the second act.

Dreamboats and Miniskirts is on at the Sunderland Empire until Saturday October 31st and is not to be missed!

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