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Once Upon A Time – Dreamcatcher

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We’re back in time in Camelot and Merlin has finally been freed from the tree!

After being stuck inside for five episodes, the spell capturing the magician inside of the tree trunk is finally broken with the help of Regina and Emma.

But unfortunately not everything is as it seems because, although everyone was fighting to free Merlin so he could banish the darkness from taking over Emma, we later find out that she had staged the whole thing.

Initially, Regina and Emma were working together to find the antidote to the spell trapping Merlin. We see at the beginning of the episode the potion consisted of a single heartbroken tear drop which rolls down Merlin’s face as he pleads for the dark one to give him back his true love.

Who knew a heartbroken tear could turn you into a tree? – Who knew a heartbroken tear could also undo the magic and free you from living your life as a tree trunk?

With her momentous history of heartbreak, Regina offers herself up to relive one of her most heartbreaking memories to produce the powerful tear – Her mother ripping out the heart of Regina’s first true love, Daniel and crushing it in her hand before Regina’s eyes. This was in fact the moment which led to Regina becoming the dark, evil queen!

Emma is able to watch the moment unfold before her as she holds a magical dream catcher over Regina which allows it to take a memory from a person (Keep this fact in mind for later).

Low and behold, the tragic moment leaves the ex- Evil Queen in tears as she relives the heartache from losing her first true love.

However, since Regina is now in love with Robin Hood the tear just isn’t heartbroken enough, meaning the spell doesn’t work.

Fortunately for them, at that moment in time their shared son Henry had prepared a romantic date in Grannies (Their local diner in Storybrooke which they all time travelled in to get to Camelot) in hopes to woo his new love interest Violet.

The two had hit it off earlier in the series when Henry had introduced Violet to his Ipod – Something that people in Camelot had never come across before. To Violet, Henry was a ‘mysterious, exotic outsider’ so their love was destined from the beginning.

Their romantic date was going smoothly, with Henry introducing Violet to yet another magical potion – Pepsi.

But things surprisingly turned sour after Henry accidentally states that they are on a date, leading to Violet uncomfortably telling Henry that she only likes him as a friend – Yikes, friend zoned in Camelot!

Yes, you have guessed it! Henry runs to cry on the shoulder of his mothers, relaying what happened on the disastrous  date, unknowingly shedding tears that could save Merlin from his imprisonment.

But whilst trying to create the potion to free Merlin, a still hostile King Arthur appears and attempts to disturb their efforts of releasing him due to the humiliation the wizard brought to the king and Camelot in the past.

This doesn’t stop the women as they defy the orders given by the king and finally free Merlin who is more than happy to free Emma of her curse BUT with one condition, was her heart really ready to part with the darkness?

Flash forward to Storybrooke in the present day and the answer has very much been answered for us, no Emma’s heart wasn’t ready to part with the darkness.

Although we do see a nice side to Emma as she helps Henry find Violet’s missing horse – Because in Storybrooke and with their missing memories, Henry and Violet don’t remember the awkward exchange at Grannies back in Camelot.

However, this is short lived after Regina and some others break into the Emma’s house to find Rumplestiltskin who we saw was brought back to life at the end of the previous episode. Little do they know that he is currently in the woods with Emma’s new minion, Merida.

The fiery red head has been summoned by Emma who now has Merida’s heart, to transform the ex Dark One into a hero with the purest of hearts so he will be able to pull the Excalibur from the stone. We are yet to find out why Emma wants the sword but we do see a snippet of her plans when Regina finds a dream catcher in Emma’s house.

Knowing what dream catchers can do, it finally clicks to Regina that Emma was able to steal everyone’s memory who was in Camelot with them during the time of Merlin’s freeing, through the magical device. But surely there will be memories stored in the dream catcher right?

Right! With a shocking twist of events we see the memory is one of Violets. Not only that but we see Emma ripping the stable girls heart out and commanding her to break Henry’s heart by telling him she didn’t love him!

Emma was determined to free Merlin from the tree and breaking her own sons heart seemed to have been the only way to do so. Surely there’s a deeper reason for such an act of betrayal?

Will Henry ever forgive his mother?

Why does Emma need the excalibur so badly?

What will happen to Rumplestiltskin if he can’t fulfil Emma’s need of becoming a hero?

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