My Top Ten Favourite Songs For Halloween

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Top Ten Songs To Listen To At Halloween:


Once again, Halloween has crept its way up on us like a serpent silently stalking its prey, the end result of which is gory and gruesome, the perfect striking image for this event. Haunted houses, shuddersome skeletons and vain vampires crowd the streets on this nightmarish night, lending the atmosphere a cadaverous feel of witch-craft and dark arts. But, as horrifying as the solitude of the silent streets makes me feel, the morbid holiday is lacking without an either ominous or monstrous piece of music to back up your haunting, but finding the perfect track for your reaping can be a grisly task in itself, so to help with this madness, I have devised my top 10 favourite songs to listen to over hallows eve.


Number 10:


Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash


Yes, of course we had to start this list off with one of Halloween’s most beloved songs for years of old. This classic is easily recognised among millions of people as the definitive ‘Halloween Essential’ track. The song came to Pickett’s mind one night at a gig. Pickett did a monologue in which he imitated horror movie actor Boris Karloff (Famously playing Frankensteins monster in the film ‘Frankenstein’ from 1939) and the audience love it. Fellow band member Lenny Capizzi encouraged Pickett to experiment more with the imitation, alas, ‘Monster Mash’ was born. The song uses its central idea of Frankenstein’s monster to create the movement of the dance, being Pickett’s famous imitation of Karloff’s performance as the titular beast. Not only is the dance infectious though, but the core song itself is catchy and features themes to accompany the Halloween themes. Overall, this song had classic written all over it from the second it was recorded, it will always be on our top ten Halloween songs for all of this twisted eternity and will forever be reminder of Halloween and its joyous side as well as its darker side.


Number 9:


The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp


Again, another classic that has a right to appear on any Halloween song list, past, present and especially future. The song taken directly from the stage musical and later motion picture is arguably one of the, if not the most memorable songs of horror and Halloween in general. Based as an homage to the horror greats of the 30’s to the 70’s, Rocky Horror Picture Show combines all the cliché tropes and tribulations of horror and its themes and turns them into one massive stereotype used to breathe life into one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The common themes of Halloween greats also rub off on the songs of the show, most notably ‘The Time Warp’. The song is often used in numerous occasions but most commonly in Halloween dances, as it lends to the original source material. There is no doubt that this song is one of the most memorable songs of all time, ask anyone and I’m 99 percent sure they will have seen it or at least heard of it.


Number 8:


Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters


During the 80’s, ‘Ghostbusters’ ushered a new breed of comedy in the supernatural. For a time when ‘The Evil Dead’, ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ and ‘Friday The 13th’ dominated the supernatural/horror genre, ‘Ghostbusters’ promised fans of ghosts and ghouls a lighthearted tale of friendship and hilarious gags whilst still providing viewers with a spooky and often weird plot line. However, just like every superhero needs his theme music, the Ghostbusters needed theirs, and what better style of music could portray the Ghostbusters than a classic 80’s dance tune. Yup, the cliché works surprisingly well here with Ray Parker Jr’s ‘Ghostbusters’ being the feel-good song about ghost hauntings and paranormal activity (You know, because those ghosts are well-known for their pranks, classic ghosts). This song has it all, fantastically catchy lyrics, a memorable beat and possibly one of the greatest tag lines in music existence, “I ain’t scared of no ghosts”. So if you enjoy your Halloween sweet like your toffee apples, then this is the perfect song for you and your ghoulishly funny undead friends, now remind me again, who ya’ gonna’ call…


Number 7:


Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper


From the easy sing along factor of the dark lyrics presented in ‘The Reaper’ to the ending guitar solo that screeches a devilishly good tune, Blue Oyster Cult’s classic tune is perfect for Halloween trickers and treaters alike. While not directly approaching Halloween in a traditional way, the lyrics provide a story of deaths inevitable date of arrival balanced by the ever lasting effect of love on the human soul. This theme of love in death plagues the song and puts us into a position where we acknowledge the affects of death in real life and how that natural flow effects the world around us. By the time we get around to truly realising what the message of this beautifully haunting track is, the song abruptly comes to a standstill for a brief moment which will leave any new listener puzzled, by the time you check the song length to investigate the ending, the song ascends back with a powerful and demonic roaring screech of the guitar, rapidly pounding the high strings to create a mind numbingly creepy sound that really adds to the effect of the message, by the time the song goes back to its regular state, you have been through a roller-coaster journey of emotions and thoughts. This song is truly a classic and doesn’t hold back its eerie material by any means, making it a shoo in for any top ten Halloween track list.


Number 6:


Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark


Fear Of The Dark opens up to its listeners with a dark and eerie mournful guitar solo, followed by Bruce Dickinson’s harrowing voice. The man sings “I am the man who walks alone and when I’m walking a dark road, at night or strolling through the park”. Upon Dickinson’s mysterious tale of his fear of the darkness surrounding him, we (quote un-quote) “Feel a little strange” and “Anxious when its dark”. The tale of this haunting Halloween story is based around the idea of the shadows following you in the dark and, as they are shadows in darkness, we cannot see them, stating that humans are not alone and the existence of a supernatural presence is all too real. This theme feels totally in place with the stories of Hallows Eve, and combined with the bands all-round sinister sound, creates a notion of fear, terror and a sharp sense of feeling unguarded from the nightmares of the unknown. For optimal experience, listen to this track alone at night in the pitch blackness of your room, I guarantee you will feel paranoid and uneasy by the seven minute mark.


Number 5:


Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstein


This infectious tale of Frankensteins monster’s unrivalled bloodlust is one of the most well-known in all of Halloween. This Rock/Metal take on the story features shock rock idol, Alice Cooper take the stage in what turns out to be one of the greatest dance worthy songs of all Hallows Eve (Second to non other than Thriller, that’s unbeatable). The song manages to both provide a great spooky dance track while also delivering one of the best takes on the story of Frankensteins monster as Cooper sings “Bring you to a simmer, right on time. Run my greasy fingers up your greasy spine”. The track is complimented by Alice Cooper’s famed stage shows in which this show seemed to depict Cooper in the role of the bloodied Dr. Frankenstein, gore has always been one of Coopers most valued customs and he doesn’t let up his claim to fame in this track he bursts out lyrics about the monster eviscerating corpses and feeding on human entrails, truly stuff of horror that Halloween deserves. A must have on your monstrous mix tape.


Number 4:


Rob Zombie – Dragula


Dragula is a play on words for Dracula, the vampire from popular fiction novels. Rob Zombie fantastically uses his deep, bellow-some voice to create an equally terrifying tune of demonic beings. The track features heavy distorted guitars and a very distinct tune notable after the first hearing. As well as having dark sounding instruments, the track opens on what has to be one of the greatest horrifying openings any song could pull of, making its listeners feel freaked out and temptingly wanting to hear more. It is a perfect blend of typical sounds of a horror song with the unique bellows of Rob Zombie himself creating a bone-chilling effect that if your guard is down, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It is a very hard song to explain so ill let you guys listen for yourselves but be warned, it is a harrowing song and is easily a contender for my top ten songs of Halloween.

Number 3:


Michael Jackson – Thriller


Of course ‘Thriller’ was going on this list, it was inevitable. The King of Pop’s highest claim to fame is as grievous as it is groovy. The tale of undead creatures rising in the night to the sound of pop music, greatest idea ever. The song features Jackson in the street at night walking home his lady friend. Jackson starts dancing and like everybody envious of MJ we die inside because we cannot do that, but that’s okay because MJ will use his Thriller powers to bring us back to life so some star-studded performance of spontaneous dancing. Yeah, I don’t know why but this sounds super fun, except the dead part… obviously. MJ uses his pro dancing to mesmerise the audience in this classic song reminiscent of horror pop culture of that era. It perfectly delivers and even provides a long-lasting image of that creepy werewolf from the beginning of the video (Seriously though, that still haunts my mind to this day).


Number 2:


Ozzy Osbourne – Mr Crowley


The Osbourne take on the lifestyle of infamous occultist and proclaimed “Wickedest Man In The World”, Aleister Crowley, is a wonderfully wicked track complimented by Ozzy’s one of a kind vocals. This tale of the occult and the darkness surrounding it, has Ozzy reach into his soul and provide possibly his greatest performance yet, it is harrowing and features possibly one of the coolest guitar solos of all time. The tune rolling on in the background provides the perfect companion to Ozzy’s fearful uneasy voice as he talks about the how the occult changes a man and creates a being almost not thought of as human, more of a demon. It is this realism of demonic possession that makes the song feel even more excruciating and chilling, that and the known fact of how this story is in fact a true tale of occults, witchcraft and evil lurking in the human soul. They all add up to create a fantastic melody of genuinely spine-chilling music that will make you think as you listen, truly a classic Halloween anthem.


Number 1:


Disney – This Is Halloween


Finally, our number one spot is given to the fantastically catchy, wonderfully wicked and beastly beautiful melody of Disney and Tim Burton’s ‘This Is Halloween’ from the motion picture ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. This song takes my number one spot based on many factors, ranging from the overall feeling to the song, the backing tracks haunting but beautiful sound and the creepy yet ceremonious blend of Halloween lyrics and fiendishly well performed voices. This opening theme from Disney and Tim Burton’s grim tale of Halloween provides the most fantastic and dance worthy song to get your bones moving.


Well, that is my list of my favourite songs to listen to on a grim Halloween night, hopefully you guys can find some use of these songs and also enjoy your Halloween night with as much grim, grimy fun as possible. Happy Halloween everyone.


Honourable Mentions:

Black Sabbath – Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath


Charlie Daniels – Devil Went Down To Georgia


Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween


Mercyful Fate – Evil


Machine Head – Darkness Within