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Once Upon A Time – The Bear and The Bow

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Can the essence of all evil really become a hero?

Well, in this weeks episode we watch as Emma furthers her efforts to transform the former Dark One, Rumplestiltskin into a pure hearted hero so he can pull Excalibur from the stone.

However, since Rumple lost his dark magic to Emma he has settled back into his old ways by becoming the cowardly man he used to be back when he was enlisted into the ogre wars. The wars in which he broke his own foot so he wouldn’t have to fight.

Even after being held hostage by the Dark One and her minion Merida, Rumple refused to be trained to become a strong fighter. Instead he whimpered in the forest refusing to pick up a sword to protect himself against Merida’s angered lashes of her sword.

You see the desperation in her face as she looms over the pitiful excuse of a man who is her only hope in being freed from the Dark Ones control and saving her brothers who were being held captive by rebel clans back in Camelot.

Unfortunately for Merida,  Rumple free’s himself from captivity by smashing the infamous chip cup from Beauty and the Beast, cutting through the ropes and running to safety to none other than Belle, the only person to ever see through his evil.

Little did Rumple know that was the worst thing he could have done!

After reuniting with the love of his life, Rumple finally clicks. Emma knew he’d be cowardly and run, she just wanted to see if his love for Belle was still strong- Of Course it was, this is Storybrooke after all!

If Rumple wasn’t going to make himself a hero Emma would have to do it for him by commanding Merida  to shoot an arrow through Belle’s heart- After all, she is the Dark One and Merida NEVER misses.

Flashback to Camelot and after finally being released from the tree, Merlin finds himself captured again by Prince Arthur. However, Belle is on the case and free’s the wizard who has been imprisoned by magic once again, along with Merida who was imprisoned along side Merlin for stealing a ship to get to her brothers.

Although, Merida harshly returns the favour by hitting Belle over the head and kidnapping her so she can help her save her brothers.

And in the style of Brave, Merida demands Belle to make her a potion that will turn her into a bear and allow her to take back the respect from the rebel clans who lost faith in her when she accidentally let her father die during a battle. A loss that she never quite got over.

But because Belle see’s the good in everyone, she tricks Merida into thinking the potion is real, in fact the vial is filled with water. Belle knows the fiery red head has the courage inside of her to stand up to the rebel’s and stop the execution of her brothers.

And what do you know, Merida shows her power by preventing her brothers from being stabbed in the throat by flying arrows by shooting her own arrow to block the way.

Her brothers are freed and she final takes her rightful position as queen!

Back in Storybrooke and she is unaware that her quest is pointless because she has already saved her brothers but that means nothing when Emma literally has Merida’s heart in her hand to control her.

After her failing attempts at making Rumple a hero, Emma uses the real bear potion on Merida turning her into a ferocious bear, ready to maim Belle.

The battle doesn’t last long as finally Rumple stands up for the one he loves and saves Belle by attracting the Merida bear towards him and throwing transformation magic at her so she turns back into her human self – NOW he’s a hero!

The only way to test this notion is to see if he can pull the Excalibur from the stone and low and behold he does! It is finally free! But what does Emma want with the sword?

Rumple releases it and places it at Emma’s feet, telling her that he is the hero now so she better watch out.

Previously in the episode Merlin and Emma reminisce about the first time they met which unbeknownst to Emma was when she was a young girl. Merlin had told her her future prophecy and to NOT retract the sword because it would bring devastation to those she loved!

We also see Regina and the Charming’s contact the missing Merlin via a poisonous toad stool (which I may add that King Arthur had tried to burn so they couldn’t contact the wizard- What is his problem?)

The ‘voicemail of Merlin’ as Regina calls it, said that only ‘Nimueh’ can save Emma now.

Who is Nimueh?

Will the Charmings and Regina find them?

What will Emma do now that she has the Excalibur?

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