REVIEW: Username: Evie

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Joe Sugg, known as ThatcherJoe on YouTube, recently brought out his own graphic novel named Username: Evie.

He is known on YouTube as ‘Zoella’s younger brother’ or ‘the guy who does the funny pranks’. As you may already know, many Youtubers lately bring out personal merchandise and books – but this book is something different, making Joe the first Youtuber to bring out a graphic novel.

His dream started when he was doing his Media A-Level and was asked to create the opening sequence to a post-apocalyptic movie. He got so excited about the project that he even created the front page to a comic/graphic novel which got him an A*.

Many years after this and plenty of successful YouTube videos later, Joe now has his own graphic novel.

The illustrations throughout are amazing, grabbing your attention throughout the story line. The first page presents “The Sugg Squad”, including the illustrators and various people who helped with the design of the novel.

The back page reads “Like anyone who feels they don’t fit in, Evie dreams of a place of safety. When times are tough all she wants is a chance to escape from reality and be herself”.

Evie, the main character, is given an alternate world through a computer by her Father where she can escape harsh realities and be herself. Throughout the story you meet new characters that have a large significance on Evie’s life – which relates to Joe’s life which has escalated so quickly into fame, helping him to meet many different faces.

Filled with emotion and suspense, the story line Joe created has a real effect on the reader; making you feel empathy towards certain characters and hate towards others.

The novel is an amazing read and is suitable for all audiences. Whether you just love comics or you are a ‘Sugglet’, this book is guaranteed to blow you away.

If you do watch ThatcherJoe on YouTube, then Joe left ‘Easter eggs’ throughout the images in the book, relating to his videos that he has previously posted. So see if you can spot them – some are harder than you think!

He recently did a signing in Newcastle for his latest creation which I attended and met the author himself – which may I add was one of the best days ever, being a big fan myself.

He has travelled around the UK and even over to the US to sign his books and meet fans!

This book is now a Number One Best Selling Graphic Novel!

A huge 10/10 to Joe, the book is an amazing read – even though graphic novels aren’t exactly my thing, I enjoyed the story line throughout and would recommend it to everyone!


By Amie Slack

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