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Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved

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“YOU’RE FAT!” was Sunderland’s welcome to the Glaswegian comic before he even got a word in at the Empire Theatre. This set the tone for the show – Brutally objective yet harsh observations and cocky audience chip-ins.

Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved is Frankie Boyle’s fourth and final live show tour, despite saying his current tour will be his last on the previous three; but being a man who is very interested and keyed in on world affairs there’s too much scope for material for him to call it a day. Syria, recent plane crashes and the lion that was shot by an American dentist were some of the topics scrutinised in a way that only Frankie Boyle dares.

The Scot held up a mirror to society’s ugly face and wasn’t, as always, afraid to make a ‘wee jokey-joke’ in its reflection; therefore Boyle’s comedy came out when confronting ironies and tragic observations in these touchy subjects. We know the name of that lion and were more outraged about it than all the nameless children being killed in Syria he pointed out.

Like in previous tours Boyle expressed his frustration at constantly being asked if he considers the people that are offended by his material. His answer: Ben and Jerry’s don’t get asked if they take into consideration the people that don’t like their ice cream, what if they think it’s too cold? Then just don’t eat it! But he did make too many lazy references to ‘self-pleasure.’


One keen-eyed audience member noticed that Frankie was wearing multi-coloured trainers with his suit. In fact, a fair few select idiots kept heckling in an attempt to be on the receiving end of a Frankie Boyle put-down so they could have a story to tell their mates. This started to annoy Boyle whose comebacks got shorter so he could simply maintain the flow of a piece of material he was half way through. However, a few heckles did set up classically brutal comebacks which unfortunately cannot be quoted otherwise this review would mostly be made up of stars.

The support act, Craig Campbell of Canada, was also beaten to the first word by some Jack the Lad in the audience. Said lad noticed Campbell sporting a tremendous beard and long raggedy hair and thus shouted “WILSON!”, referring to Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

Campbell was witty in using his appearance to boost the laugh factor of his material but this was the major weapon in his comedy arsenal. This was most evident when he covered California Love by Dr. Dre and 2Pac. His rapping was impressive but without his hair flailing all over the place it would simply have been out of place for the vocal Sunderland crowd.

#IssueAtTheBackOfTheRoom was born of a heckle. Boyle logically dismissed the importance of said issue by explaining that as the person at the front most part of the room, he was the last person to be affected, and thus care. The issue made its way back into material as Boyle became intrigued and speculated as to what it was. But the real issue remained a mystery… during the show at least.


The mystery of the #IssueAtTheBackOfTheRoom was solved

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