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Is PC is better than console?

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IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR WINDOWS - Media and gaming fans get hands-on with the newest hardware from ASUS running Windows 10 at the ASUS Republic of Gamers event on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 in San Francisco, Calif. (Peter Barreras/AP Images for Windows)

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR WINDOWS – Media and gaming fans get hands-on with the newest hardware from ASUS running Windows 10 at the ASUS Republic of Gamers event on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 in San Francisco, Calif. (Peter Barreras/AP Images for Windows)

Stephen Aunger & Amir Al-Saffar give us their reasons why PC might be a better investment than a console.


Both of the next gen consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4 have a pay to play online system. For Xbox One the Xbox Live which costs £40 per year just to be able to play online and nothing else. The system that PlayStation have used is called PlayStation Plus the same £40 a year cost for a similar use as the Xbox but it gives you the monthly free game which is alright but when you look at PC its all free nothing to pay ever.


So it’s a win for PC as you need no subscriptions, only broadband.


Performance, Graphics and costs

Costs is a difficult one for PC’s as their costs vary quite a lot depending if you buy a pre built or a custom built, the custom built is usually cheaper slightly but is more complex as you need to know what your doing. So if we compare a pre built PC of a similar spec to a Xbox one or PS4 will usually cost a less more but not that much less. But if you want a high performance 4K gaming PC its going to cost quite a bit more around double the price at least but the system that would cost that much would give you a computer which would last several years and still be able to run games at high quality and in that time would have had to buy a new console costing a similar price in the end so its just a long term investment.

The graphics on consoles are of a set quality, which makes it so you can play all the games on the console without worrying about it not being able to run it, but on the other hand the PC gives access to far superior graphics if you have the system to take it. Where as many agree that graphics aren’t a pivotal part in the gameplay of the game, they can’t disagree that it lends well to the overall aesthetic of the game. Good graphics are constantly debated about but the fact is that PC has and will always have the upper hand on the graphics side of gaming. With plenty of customisable settings and sliders that all affect how well your game looks.

So computers get the extra performance for the extra cost, a good trade up every time as it lasts longer.


Prices of games

The prices of games are quite different from console to PC. A good comparison would be when new games are released an example is fallout 4 for PC costs £40 but for Console cost around £45 before release. But on average PC games are cheaper as all you need do is wait for on of steams seasonally sales which almost all games are around at least 25% off to 90% off but most are at 75% off. So for around 2 weeks each season you can get a whole collection of games for the price of one or 2. And not to mention that you can buy almost all games you want online from sites like Steam or EA’s Origin and download them there and then no need to leave the house.

So PC wins that hands down.



Mods are a huge part of the PC gaming community and can really spice up the old gameplay. Consoles don’t have this type of mod support and for that they are missing out. It seems that consoles are slowly trying to become PCs; for example, fallout 4 will soon add mod support to the console versions however these mods will still be limited and will not allow for the full extent for what the modding community is capable of. The PC community has plenty of games, just look at Skyrim and the incomprehensible amount of mods that are available for it on Microsoft Windows, whereas Skyrim on Xbox and PlayStation.


PCs are absolutely, undeniably the best thing to play on when you’re playing a single player, or online multiplayer game. Cheaper, easier to control, more games, etc. But when you have 1-3 friends over, PCs just can’t match consoles’ fun factor.

Sure, if you organize it ahead of time, get them to bring their PCs over and have a LAN party it’s great. But what about when your friends just come to your house? There are few good co-op games that can be played on one computer, and even fewer that work well with monitors as small as ~20″-28″.

With a console, you plug it into your TV, get a few controllers, and have minimal downtime and fiddling with cables. You also open up a new world of co-op and party games, such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Mario Party on Nintendo systems, and many Xbox and PS games that are on the PC but lack the co-op functionality of their console counterparts, such as Minecraft, or games like Guacamelee or Hammerwatch or Jamestown that have co-op on PC but it just isn’t as convenient, as you would have to plug your PC into a TV and use antiquated wireless Xbox 360 controllers to have a comparable experience to consoles.

Overall, of course the PC is better. Substantially better, even. I’m not disputing that. I’m just saying that to say the PC is “objectively superior to consoles in every way possible” as it says in the sidebar is just ridiculous when there are clear advantages to consoles.

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