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Top TellTale games

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The game makers, which are known for their unique style of making story rich games separated into episodes, which are released periodically every month or so. But each episode is as gripping as the previous.


Walking Dead season one

The first game on the list is the first season of the Walking Dead, a story line separate to the original comics and TV show. The linear story line allows you to make many decisions through out the game which all have different effects on how the game will play out. The main focus of the game is the characters of Lee and of Clementine, Lee basically took on the job of being Clementine’s guardian as she became orphaned due to the breakout of the infection. The game changes through the decisions you make in conversations with people and the actions you do in the actions scenes. The style of play is a point a click adventure but uses the quick time events for the action scenes . In a frantic rush to decide what to do you may regret your decision but you cant change it after you’ve chosen.


Game of thrones

This TellTale game is based on the complex story of game of thrones the story is meant to follow on from the end of the 3rd season. But this game doesn’t focus on the House, Forrest a minor house, which is never mentioned in the TV series but is in the books. But these characters were on mentioned in name with no information so the game built these characters from just a name. As in the other TellTale you are able to choose how the story pans out by what things you say to other NPCs and the things that happen in action scenes such as the fights that you’ll be in through the the 6 episodes that the game has this follows the game of thrones style with lots of shady characters, lies and deception.


The wolf among us

The wolf among us is the same point and click adventure split into the episodes as usual, but is based on a comics series by vertigo comics. A wolf among us is a grim thriller about creatures who hide in plain sight but cause quite a bit of trouble. You play the big bad wolf and your job is to keep everything in order. With all of the options you have it does very little in the way of changing the way it al plays out because the game is a detective story but what you do effects how you are seen by the people in the city like interrupting a funeral of pushing a young boy for information even though he’s terrified.


By Stephen Aunger & Amir Al-Saffar

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