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Star Wars Battlefront Preview

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The hype train has been steaming towards this game for over 10 years, since the release of Battlefront 2.

Few franchises generate hype like Star Wars does, so the anticipation and expectations are dizzyingly high. Even with the danger of Disney ruining Star Wars games forever – when the Micky Mouse brigade closed down the 31-year-old game developer and publisher LucasArts in 2013 – fans will accept nothing less than an amazing game.

Battlefront is released in the UK at midnight on November 19 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. An open beta in October and gameplay teasers have shown the utter chaos across all conceivable Star Wars landscapes, vehicles, heroes and iconic battles; Such as the battle of Hoth (the snow planet in Empire Strikes Back). A popular response to the battle of Hoth beta was that it is too one-sided in favour of the Imperials with their AT ATs (huge four-legged space camel tanks of doom). Although this is true, this is also accurate to the film. You should fully expect to be thrust into various Star Wars scenarios true to the films and, once you’ve admired the shiny landscapes in 60fps, expect to die in them.


Battlefront title

A full video review will follow shortly after the release date. And don’t forget to subscribe to Northern Lights on YouTube for more videos in the future!

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