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Arrow Season 4 – Episodes 4 – 6

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Episode 4 – Beyond Redemption

So Laurel and Thea were able to resurrect Sara from the clutches of death in episode 3 but when she returned she was no longer the dashing vigilante Laurel, Thea and Nyssa once knew, just a fractured and feral being.

Episode 4 picks up with Oliver announcing his intent to run for mayor in Star City in an attempt to protect it from Damien Darkh and all of the other criminals running riot in the streets. The others are of course worried for his safety but they should know by now Oliver is a stubborn one to deal with.

The big bad of this week are the Anti Vigilante Task Force set up at the end of the third season to capture the Arrow but have now gone rogue and killing other police officers. Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Diggle leap into action once they hear about it from Det. Lance. However the four vigilantes met their match and were easily defeated by the task force and their leader Liza Warner (also known as Lady Cop in the DC comics)

While we’re on the subject of secrets Oliver discovers the connection between Lance and Darkh and isn’t too best pleased, but decides to use this bond to his advantage in taking down Darkh and H.I.V.E once and for all.

Speaking of Det. Lance; Laurel decides its time she brought her father in on her little secret. Laurel brought Sara back to Star City and is still as feral as she was when she was resurrected which leads to one of the most heart-warming scenes in the Arrowverse when the Lance family are reunited at last.

That being said Det. Lance and Sara were soon involved in one of the most heart-breaking scenes. Upon being given food for thought by Damien Darkh, Det. Lance attempted to return Sara back to her dead state after being convinced she was longer his daughter but was stopped by Laurel. Seeing the emotion portrayed by Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy really tugged at my heartstrings.

But back to the A-plot it was an all-out rumble between Team Arrow and the Anti Vigilante Task Force who had kidnapped Det. Lance. We get to see some brilliant hand to hand combat from Speedy, a new and improved Canary Cry from Black Canary and some brilliant arrow shots from Green Arrow.

So this episode was definitely full of dramatic emotion between the Lance family but it was played beautifully nonetheless, but at the same time I felt the focus was more on them then it was on the other characters but still a good episode.


Episode 5 – Haunted

Well Oliver was bound to find out sooner or later that Sara had been brought back by Laurel and Thea but on the bright side one of my all-time favourite all-star anti-heroes made his appearance and his name….John Constantine (Matt Ryan)

Seeing this chain smoking, bisexual dark arts dabbler brought to life was amazing as Oliver calls on his services after it is revealed Sara is without her soul after being brought back via the Lazarus Pit, so Oliver enlists his help with restoring the former Canary back to what she once was.

But first they have to catch Sara who was been on a rampage since escaping from Laurel, but it’s Thea who should worry the most as Sara is hell bent on killing her to satisfy the bloodlust she now has since returning.

As much as I dislike the flashbacks to Oliver’s past, this one I can make an exception for since it showcases Oliver’s past with Constantine and how they met. It did provide an interesting backstory for the magician who previously had his own show before its plug was pulled.

Matt Ryan as the cynical magician proved to be an extraordinary hit with the fans with them clamouring for his return in future episodes which I am hoping for too as his attitude provided an interesting spin, on all the niceties behaviour we’d been seeing between the members of Team Arrow lately.

Meanwhile Damien Darkh continues his hold on Det. Lance and continues to get him to do his dirty work. This time the sinister madman orders Lance to upload a virus into a security programme but when Diggle tags along to keep an eye on him, he gets more than he bargains for when he discovers a devastating secret about his deceased brother who was murdered by H.I.V.E sometime before the first season.

We haven’t had much off Felicity for a bit but she discovers something important about the deceased Ray Palmer aka the Atom (Brandon Routh) after discovering a recorded message he left for her before he passed away.

Through a little bit of blood, sweat, tears and the supernatural Oliver and Laurel are able to save Sara’s soul from the in between world where it was trapped and Sara is once again whole but will she suffer the same effects as Thea? who knows.

With a sparkling performance from Matt Ryan and a sweet ending what lies ahead for Team Arrow will be revealed in episode 6, but there are more mysteries to be solved like what did Ray leave for Felicity?

What is the connection between Diggle’s brother and H.I.V.E?


Episode 6 – Lost Souls

Talk about Girl Power as we see the newly reunited Canary sisters and Speedy team up for the first time ever. Little Mix and the Spice Girls have nothing on these three.

In this episode we learn about the fate of Ray Palmer after the message he left for Felicity. Ray is revealed to alive and in danger after tinkering with the ATOM suit at the end of the third season left him shrunk and captured by Damien Darkh for his techno genius skills so it’s up to Team Arrow to rescue him and bring their friend home.

Felicity’s computer hacking skills are shown to the best of their abilities here, instead of always showing the fighting and gadgets that the rest of the team provide, so it’s a welcome change, even though I was starting to lose faith in Felicity in the last season but slowly she’s winning back my respect.

Now Sara has her soul back she’s now facing the same struggle as Thea has in controlling her bloodlust for battle, but seeing her don her Canary costume from season two and battling alongside her sister The Black Canary I was having a nerdy fanboy moment at that time.

Brandon Routh’s performance is just as good as it was when he was in season three as he is just as intelligent and naïve as before, but provided a conflict within Felicity as they were lovers once upon a time so it’s left me wondering: who does her heart really belong to? Oliver or Ray? Well after certain scenes I’m left wondering about that.

With a reappearance from Felicity’s mother Donna Smoak (Charlotte Ross) to add to the drama between Oliver and Felicity I was left laughing at her mother’s attempt to bond with her reluctant daughter but in the end, a mother’s love wins the day all the time.

A clash between H.I.V.E and the vigilantes brews fast, once they discover Ray is being held by Damien Darkh so plenty of combat scenes between The Canary, Black Canary and Speedy although some sleight of hand on Oliver’s part helps set in motion the events that involves base jumping, espionage and plenty of hand to hand combat that would give even a Bruce Lee movie a run for its money.

Sara’s struggles with her sanity are a key focus as she has problems with the difference between killing and not killing, a difference she can’t seem to tell at the moment as she beats one security guard and kills another during the rescue of Ray from H.I.V.E.

In the end Ray is rescued and restored to his full size and armour by Team Arrow but with his appearance confirmed for Legends of Tomorrow in 2016 along with Sara who will be taking the moniker of White Canary, the two of them will departing for pastures new, so here’s hoping Legends will live up to the expectations of its predecessors.

A tender parting between the Canary sisters ends the episode on a bittersweet moment while Felicity decides where her heart truly belongs and that ladies and gentlemen…. is with Oliver. Love also blossoms between four unlikely characters so we’ll have to see what fate has in store.



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