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Sonic Boom Episode 1 Review

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Episode 1 – The Sidekick

The episode starts off with Sonic chasing after Eggman through a canyon with tails following above in a plane (presumably the Tornado), when egg man unveils Burnbot (can’t shoot fire ironically) who is the latest robot he has created, after a swift beating Burnbot switches his attention to Tails causing him to crash his plane, which prompts Sonic to try and replace him out of fear for his safety.

Sonic puts up a few posters advertising that he is looking for new people to audition to be his new sidekick, after some amusing scenes with Amy trying way to hard and Knuckles switching the audition round it comes down to some beaver dude, Tails and Eggman. This leads to a race where the three have to acquire a flag atop the extremely dangerous and inaccurately named Mt Safety.

The race begins with beaver dude being knocked out of the race by Tails and Eggman up to his old tricks using his traps to make Tails lose who in turn switches out his hoverboard for his plane however Burnbot returns and causing him to crash… again this time into a frozen lake.

Sonic arrives to save him again and begins a battle on the lake with the now accurately named Burnbot who shoots fire causing the two to fall into the lake, thanks to Tails’s ability to swim he is able to get Sonic back to the surface and engage in battle, which results in Burnbot falling through the ice and into the lake.

Eggman then declares that he will return with a new robot that will feed him evil ham. The episode ends with Sonic and Tails looking at the sunset while overlooking the whole sidekick job and the two reconciling and Tails becoming his sidekick once again.

Co-written by Paul Farrell & Jonathan Shaw


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