LISTEN: Theatre Space North East reaches target for new project

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Theatre Space NE new building

Photo by: Corinne Kilvington.

Theatre Space North East have met their funding target for their new project – ‘Collective Space’.

The organisation is looking to renovate an old industrial building in Nile Street, in Sunderland so it can be turned into a community rehearsal space.

They have raised over £2000 to pay for electrical, plumbing and other building works.

Corinne Kilvington, artistic director for Theatre Space North East said: “It’s a project to find us a home. I am totally overwhelmed to be honest.

“I keep looking at it to double check and people are donating. I’m over the moon.”

The space is currently a “shell”, she said.

“There’s holes in the floor, there’s broken windows, the electrics don’t work.”

Theatre Space North East has been a part of the Sunderland culture and arts scene since 2012.

Corinne added: “We’ve run out of space in my dining room and my house is full and we need somewhere to rehearse.”

The new building is on Nile Street.

Corinne wants to make the building Theatre Space North East’s personal home but wants to open it up to other creative people within the city of Sunderland.

She would like creative individuals and groups to “come and share and come and play” once the building is open to the public.

The importance of sharing creative spaces with others was important to Corrine.

She said: “When you are sharing space together it’s much easier for people to share, collaborate and spark ideas of each other.”

She added: “It’ll probably only be our permanent home but hopefully it will be a base for a lot of other companies”.

Sophie Dishman interviewed Corinne Kilvington – you can hear the full interview below.

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