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Review: The 1975 Flaunt Their New Style In Small Concert

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The 1975 @ The Cliffs Pavillion

The 1975 @ The Cliffs Pavillion

Never have I been to a concert as vibrant and colourful as the 1975’s, which is something I never would have expected myself to say. Their theme of only black and white in their previous EPs, albums and concerts was almost ditched, creating a more lively atmosphere full of colour.

I have seen the 1975 once before but their new tour was very different; in a good way. The band performed a few of their new songs, meaning the audience were more quiet than usual, but you could still feel the excitement as we all listened intrigued by their new sound. Also, by hosting these concerts in more smaller venues, the gig became much more personal which I think was a thoughtful choice made by the band.

The 1975 took a lot of fans by surprise when they revamped their style from black and white to bright pink, blue and green. This began back in June of 2015 when the band began the countdown to what fans hoped was a new release. However, when the countdown ended the band’s collective and individual Twitter profiles were deleted. This caused panic and confusion. Have they split up? Will they come back? After catching everyones attention and getting a wide media coverage, the band went back on Twitter and released their album cover; it was pink. From here on it was clear that this new album would be very different to their first.

However, they didn’t ditch their old look completely. Matthew Healy, lead singer of the band and son of Denise Welch, was in his usual black floral shirt, with the buttons undone, black skinny jeans and black shoes. And, of course, he still danced along the stage sipping a glass of wine and shaking his hair up and down in tune to the beat. Only around four songs were performed with a black and white aesthetic to it, the rest were bold and bright.

“Matty”, as his fans call him, was as chatty as usual. He spoke passionately about their new songs but also noted how “I don’t want to bore you” with the new songs as we were unable to sing along. He also stuck to his tradition of doing a small speech about “being in the moment”, urging fans to put their phones away and enjoy the concert face-to-face with one another. Matty always does this before performing their song “Me” and stating how “this song is about me”; he wants people to listen to the lyrics instead of watching the performance through a phone screen.

The songs from their debut album, The 1975, were sung along by the audience with such force that it was sometimes impossible to hear the band sing themselves. However, that added to the atmosphere and united everyone together who obviously all had an equal amount of love for the songs being performed.

Bras were thrown, as were other pieces of clothing. The band members seemed used to it, “oh no not this again”, Matty spoke into the mic.

A 1975 concert will never be a boring one and I am even more excited now than I was for their new album to be released. Well done guys, you smashed it.


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