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Season Review: Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones was one of the most highly anticipated TV series of the year and the wait payed off for Marvel fans.

The first episode (AKA Ladies Night) introduces us to the main character Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) – an alcoholic with a lot of baggage and a “gift” of superhuman strength and flight.

Whilst Jessica is not handing out a court notice to a strip club owner and showing off her powers, she spies on Luke Cage (Mike Colter), another main character in the TV series. They end up having sex – a reoccurring theme  between these two characters – and then leaves upset after seeing a photo of a woman in his bathroom.

Jones is asked to help Hope Shlottman as she is acting differently and has disappeared. We hear of “Kilgrave”, played by David Tennant. He is a man with mind control abilities whose time controlling Jones gave her PTSD.

Jones finds her but she murders her parents as Kilgrave is controlling her.

In AKA Crush Syndrome, we learn that Luke Cage is also a powerful “hero”. We find that Cage has been “gifted” with unbreakable skin after a fight in a bar; there’s nothing more to see in this episode folks!

AKA It’s Called Whiskey sees Trish (Rachael Taylor) face the consequences of calling out Kilgrave on her radio show, Trish Talks.

We finally see Kilgrave in AKA The Sandwich Saved Me. It’s a shock to us all as we see Jessica striving to be the superhero she once was, for a short time. Trish and her new-found love interest, Will Simpson (Wil Traval), join with Jessica to take Kilgrave down successfully. Unfortunately, Kilgrave suspects an attack and we see that he hired a group of bodyguards to prevent his kidnapping.

In episode 6, 7 and 8 we see Jones accompanying Kilgrave; her hidden link to Luke Cage is also revealed with dire consequences for the pair.

A lot happens in every episode to move the plot along but episode 9 (AKA Sin Bin) has explosive consequences for the remaining episodes. We see Kilgrave in a secure containment unit – that’s what we wanted.

Kilgrave’s parents are brought in and video evidence is sought by the police in order to render Hope innocent, but Kilgrave strikes again and Louise (Kilgrave’s mother – Lisa Emery) dies. Panic ensues and Kilgrave escapes!

A big plot twist is dropped on us… Jones is immune to Kilgrave’s control!

AKA 1,000 Cuts is the follow up episode and we see that Kilgrave’s father (Albert – Michael Siberry) is alive much to our dismay perhaps. He tries to make a vaccine to make Kilgrave’s mind control stronger and he succeeds.

Episode 11 – AKA I’ve Got The Blues is a slow but surprising episode; we learn of Simpson’s past and about pills that he takes to up his adrenaline. These pills end up in the wrong hands and there are a few mishaps as a result.

The shocker is yet to come in AKA Take The Bloody Number, a secret that not many had bargained for comes to fruition. Luke is being controlled by Kilgrave and is ordered to kill Jones. His love for her has all been a lie, it’s Kilgrave that loves her. Luke suffers from the mind control after Jones takes drastic action.

A company called “IGH” is brought into the picture; responsible for providing Simpson with his pills, and also paid for Jessica’s medical care following her childhood accident.

AKA Smile is the penultimate episode of the series and it’s a blow to the head. We get exactly what we have been waiting for. Jessica in control of Kilgrave.

A snap judgement brings it all to an end.

You’ll have to watch to find out!

The theme of strength has ultimately battled through the trials and triumphs that all of the characters have succumbed to during the series but it is Jessica Jones that prevails.

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