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Once Upon A Time – Broken Heart

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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time finally returned to our screens this week after taking a momentary break and it was worth the wait.

Turns out Emma wasn’t really all that dark after all, she was in fact just trying to save her relationship.

The last time we were in Storybooke we learned Emma had turned Hook into a Dark One to save his life – what could go wrong?

Well, a now Dark Hook may just use his newly found powers to get revenge on her for turning him into the monster he never wanted to be, and what could this revenge be? Taking away Emma’s memories of course! Oh and putting a no magic restriction handcuff on her.

Now Emma can’t remember what happened in Camelot once Hook became the Dark One and what his plans were once the darkness took over.

Flash back to Camelot to moments before Emma first took everyone’s memories away.

As Hook is revived, he is taunted by the dark voices in his head encouraging him to seek revenge on his mortal enemy, Rumplestiltskin or ‘crocodile’ as he likes to call him. With their heated past, the captain is more than willing to do what it takes to hurt Rumple in any way he can – he did kill Hook’s first love after all and cut off his hand.

Back in Storybooke and the Charming’s and Regina finally find out that there is another Dark One in town and this time, it’s a lot worse.

Not wanting to fall victim to yet another Dark One, they plead Emma to give them back their memories which she stole in Camelot via her dream catchers – too bad Hook has already hidden them so no one can get in the way of his revenge!

Meanwhile, Hook has already started his quest by challenging Rumple to a fair sword fight on the Jolly Roger where their feuding first began. To make the fight a fair one Hook offers Rumple the Excalibur if he wins the fight, the only thing that is able to kill a Dark One – after all, Hook is brewing with dark magic.

Confused as to why he wiped her memories when he was already going to announce his dark plans, Emma sets it upon herself to find a way to banish Hooks darkness without killing him. Also, wanting to help Rumple defeat him, Emma offers to use her magic to protect him in the fight but first they’d have to take off her magic banishing cuffs.

Turns out being a Dark One would lead to trust issues with no one wanting to free her from her shackles – who knew?

Back in Camelot and Emma is trying to comfort Hook into suppressing his darkness so they can return home to find a cure for them both. However, after realising Emma has been using the Excalibur to control him, he reverts back to his revenge plan – to kill Rumple!

He soon realises he will only be able to kill Rumple once he is back in Storybooke and the only way to get there is to cast a curse by killing the one you love most – keep this in mind for later.

Back in Storybooke and Rumple is readying himself from his fight with Hook and in preparation, he offers Belle a deal. Both characters have had a rocky relationship throughout the series’ as Rumple always chose power over his love for Belle – he was even willing to get them both killed in his cowardly attempts to escape once he lost his powers.

Wanting to know where he stands with Belle, he told her that if he won the battle he would meet her at the well in which they were married – if she met him then he would know once and for all how she truly feels about him.

Elsewhere in Storybooke, Zelena finally remembers she has just given birth! However, Regina and Robin have taken the baby girl away so Zelena’s wicked ways couldn’t harm the baby. Although, they both believe that having a daughter may in fact soften the Wicked Witch.

Meanwhile,  Rumple is ready for his fight with Hook. Unsurprisingly, Rumple leaves the fight with many cuts and bruises as Hook lays into him with his Hook but surprisingly wins the fight after cutting a rope which knocks the pirate out. However that was Hook’s plan all along.

Thinking he is the victor, Rumple waits at the well in hopes that Belle will appear, she does but not for the reasons Rumple had hoped.

With a tearful acceptance, Belle informs Rumple that she can’t be in a relationship with him anymore as she needs to heel from all the heartbreak she has been through since being with him, to heal she has to be alone.

Back in Camelot, we witness as Hook manipulates Emma into thinking he will suppress the darkness so that they can have the perfect life together once they have found away to rid the dark magic. Little does she know she is about to lose someone very important to her at the hands of her sneaky lover.

Remember a few episodes ago when Merlin left a magic voicemail for Regina and the others telling them that the Dark One had found him? Well, in a shocking twist it turns out he wasn’t talking about Emma as most would have thought – he was talking about Hook!

After manipulating Emma into thinking everything will be fine, Hook takes to Grannies where Merlin is sending out the magical message. The now, magic-less wizard is mercilessly attacked by the newly created Dark One who rips out Merlins heart.

For Hook to create a Dark curse he has to kill the person he loves most but with all magic there is always a loop hole.

Turns out, any Dark One is able to cast the curse – doesn’t have to be Hook which is where Merlin comes in.

Unfortunately for him, his first true love Nimue became the first ever Dark One meaning she was also able to create the curse so Hook could complete his vengeance on Rumple.

Since Nimue lives in all Dark Ones, when Hook crushes Merlins heart he is technically killing the one he loves most.

A shocked Emma watches as Hook crushes it between his fingers. It’s at this moment that Emma finally realises the master plan behind all of Hook’s actions. Yes he wants to get revenge on Rumple but he ultimately wants do this by destroying all good magic and snubbing out the light!

With the ashes of Merlin’s heart, Hook congers up the dark curse but before it hits them all, Emma uses her dream catcher to take Hook’s memories and anyone who knew he was the Dark One so that he wouldn’t know why the curse was cast.

Back in Storybooke and Emma finally finds where Hook has hidden the dream catchers – in the clock tower of course. But unfortunately for her, there is a magical force stopping her from touching them.

Thankfully though, her son Henry finally believes in her again and releases her from her cuffs.

Finally the others memories are restored and they finally realise that Emma wasn’t so dark after all but Hook is. Emma also finally remembers what Hook is about to do. Turns out, him losing the fight against Rumple was a decoy as he only wanted to fight so that he could obtain blood from him – a man who has been to hell and back.

With his, Hook is able to open the portal to hell to free some of the greatest Dark Ones.

Will Hook be successful in his attempts to snub out the light?

Will anyone trust Emma again?

Is this the end of Rumbelle?

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