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Halo 5 Cartographer’s Gift update to be launched next week

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by Paul Farrell & Jonathan Shaw

The Cartographer’s Gift is the latest update coming very soon to Halo 5 Guardians and is set to bring many new features to the game.

The biggest new feature of this update is that they are bringing Forge back but in a big way both in terms of size and an entirely new UI has been built specifically for Halo 5.

The update is also set to introduce ‘Seasons’ which are a new competitive feature for the Arena, allowing you to continually challenge yourself in ranked playlists. Big Team Battle will also make its glorious return to multiplayer and Halo 5’s FFA is now going to have six players for the January 2016 season.

New maps are also being added – Battle of Noctus, a city based multiplayer map for Warzone and Overgrowth, a map which is said to offer a significantly different gameplay experience due to a variety corridors for arena, as well as Antifreeze and Entombed.

Two new armour designs are being introduced too. the Mark IV [Gen1] armour set (used by Spartans in Halo Wars) and the Raijin armour set along with many variants for you to unlock.

The original rocket launcher design is also making a reappearance since it was changed to a newer, more practical rocket design.

The update has also made improvements to various things – in the lobby your REW points and unopened REQ packs are visible during intermissions and the bug around the Fireteam sorting will be fixed (the leader will now be displayed at the top). Roster: Your friends’ status will be visible in the friends list so you can see what your chums are up to and they are now arranged alphabetically. A REQs rarity and description will be also visible when opening one or browsing your collection, even if you don’t have it. Various bugs when spectating have been fixed and for the HUD the collection load out will appear when you’re dead, spectating or in smart link.

So needless to say that a lot of fans are excited for the new update which will drop next week.

Halo 5 The Cartographer’s gift update


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